Lighthouse Event Schedule

  • Before coming to the lighthouse, check this page for late changes to the schedule.  
  • The beach area will be open every day, as usual.  
  • Occasionally, flooding on East Point Road prevents access.

East Point Lighthouse 2014 Schedule

      Third Sundays

East Point Light is open from 1 til 4 pm 

on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

 April 20    May 18   June 15   July 20 

     Aug 17   Sept 21     Oct 19

             Bay Day

Sat June 7    12 am to 4 pm

See Bay Day website for details.

Lighthouse Challenge Weekend

11 New Jersey Lighthouses are Open

          October 18 & 19

Check the Challenge Website for more info.

Horseshoe Crabs Mating 

Usually hits its peak on the night of the full moon nearest to June 1.

This year there's a full moon on May 14 and again on June 13, 2014. 

Monarch Butterfly Migration

Usually September or October

Monarch Butterflies often stop near East Point Lighthouse on their migration from New England and Canada to their wintering spots in Mexico. Sometimes the trees, especially the cedars, are filled with butterflies taking shelter for the night.  It's very difficult to predict this event. It can happen anytime from late August to early November, depending on the temperature and wind direction and other unknowable factors.  If you happen to be there when there is a major display, please send pictures.

Maurice River Historical Society
Volunteers Needed   
Call 856-546-7810
PO Box 141, Heislerville, NJ, 08324