Spring is here! Our volunteer teams are on the move!

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About Us

The Easton Urban Farm is located on the South Side of Easton at 902 Philadelphia Road, at The Neighborhood Center, and is a community based effort. In 2018, the garden produced over 6,000 pounds of produce, which was distributed through local organizations.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Easton Urban Farm is to encourage residents to access healthy food through purchase, cultivation, and sharing. Our expected outcomes are:

  • To encourage and develop healthy communities by providing access to locally grown produce to residents of Easton neighborhoods, through volunteer and community efforts at the Easton Urban Farm and local community gardens.
  • To improve the quality of life through gardening education, workshops, and classes on cultivating and preparing locally grown produce.
  • To promote community involvement by providing volunteer opportunities and training at local gardens.

What are we growing?

The farm is focused on growing any and all kinds of vegetables. There's also a few flowers thrown in for fun.

What happens to the produce?

Lots of different things. Much of the produce is donated to the West Ward Veggie Stand project and to the Friday Food Pantry at The Neighborhood Center. Produce is also available at seasonal markets and to the volunteers who staff the farm.

Who runs the farm?

The farm is staffed by local volunteers, who volunteer anywhere from once a month to multiple times a week. We have volunteers of all ages. Mark Reid is the current farm manager (thanks Mark!). Several interns from Lafayette College also help keep the garden running. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.