Latin 2

Vocab Quiz: Wednesday 3/13 -- practice here
HW due Monday 3/11 -- complete passive worksheet

HW due Tuesday 3/5: parse/translate though imponit in 2nd paragraph

HW due Monday 3/4: parse/translate through end of 1st paragraph of MS story

Verb Synopsis Quiz: Thursday 2/28
HW due Monday 2/25 -- parse/translate the rest of the Odyssey story
HW due Friday 2/22 -- parse/translate through "Nemo" in line 10
Vocab Quiz: Wednesday 2/27 -- practice here

Personal Pronoun Quiz: Thursday 2/21
HW due Wednesday 2/20 -- parse/translate through "habetis" in line 6 (rolling again for this on Thursday!)

HW due Friday 2/15 -- translate whole sentence into Latin
    1. I see them with you.
    2. We love to see you in his road.
    3. She gives them a gift.
    4. He sees it in her house. (casa, casae (f) -- house)
    5. You love to walk with him on their road.

Numbers Quiz: Thursday 2/14
HW due Wednesday 2/13 -- complete math practice sheet

Grammar summative or house project due Monday 2/11

HW due Thursday 2/7 -- parse/translate through "reges"
Vocab Quiz: Wednesday 2/6 -- practice here
HW due Tuesday 2/5 -- conjugate in Latin in imperfect+present+future: pugno pugnare AND pono ponere

Verb Translation Quiz: ***not Monday***

In class on Thursday--please click here

HW due Thursday 1/31 -- conjugate any 4 verbs (except amo or dormio) in the imperfect tense in Latin

HW due Tuesday 1/29 -- parse and translate:
    1. Filia dei in viā dormit.
    2. Dux puerorum est bonus.
    3. Reges filios deorum audiunt.
    4. Homines in viīs puellas audiunt.
First vocab list of the semester! Practice here (Quiz Wednesday 1/30)

Syllabus signed by parents -- Due: 1/25

Websites for practicing demonstrative pronouns:
                Hic Exercises                                                                                          ille Exercises                                                                          

Personal pronoun practice:

Relative Pronoun Practice