It is nearly impossible to guarantee the number of tournaments we can attend because of the number of teams that are in the Ohio Valley Region, but every effort will be made to get each team into at least (6) six tournaments. 

     There is no guarantee of who will play, or each players playing time.  Each coach will make the decision of playing time based on practice attendance and team involvement.  Our past record is very good on giving playing time to every player since our teams, when possible, are kept to only 9 or 10 players. 

     Our coaches generally use a system called Platooning to make up their line-ups for the tournaments.  This system gives every player, within their position, an equal amount of games played. 

     Towards the end of the season, we will be assembling Regional Teams based on a players attitude, ability, and dedication to the club throughout the season.

*This page is always under construction*

The following tournaments have been scheduled if they are highlighted in BLUE.  Some of the tournaments have not been confirmed, but we would like you to keep this date open if we do receive confirmation.  Also, we need to make sure you are checking this page almost everyday toward the end of each week when we start tournaments.  Sometimes a team cancels at the last minute, and we can take their spot.

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