Books in Print

The books are collector items and are available new and used on International buyers can use the email below to inquire about items for shipment overseas. Email us for a catalog of old & new books and audio items for sale.


Polish Gypsy with Ghost  Includes a 33 1/3 vinyl record with the band performing the performance poetry and music Intellectual Love and There's Always Something That Can Make You Happy. Guests include the late Joy Cole reading High Coup and Choctow Roxy Gordon performing spoken vocals with his band for She Rides Her Horse in Smaller Circles. The text of the poems on the record, bio bits, and some photos add charm to this signed and numbered chapbook with vinyl record. $ 15. plus $ 4. shipping and handling. Purchase on or email us.

Snatches of the Visible Unreal  Published by Backyard Press in Austin, Texas, during the late 1980s includes poems and some of D'Jalma Garnier's notes to the band about performing the poems. This book of about 40 pages was printed in a small edition. Hedwig Gorski's experimental photographs taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada illustrate the book. The cover is from a painting by Gorski. $ 20. plus $ 4. shipping and handling. Purchse on or email us.

East of Eden Band Songbook Spiral bound with one of Gorski's experimental light photographs on the cover replicates the exact songbooks used by the band when they performed and rehearsed. Anyone purchasing the songbook is permitted to perform the poems and cover them on their own recordings. If the recording or movie becomes a commercial endeavor, please contact us by email for permission/contracts.

Spoken Word artists and bands are welcome to cover and interpret any of the performance poems found in these items. Video and film projects are encouraged. Purchase the original audio CDs and remixes or the original cassettes of the band performing on Click here to learn more about where audio is available.