p e r f o r m a n c e   p o e t r y

from the original

E a s t   o f   E d e n   B a n d

"I can't get over how good this stuff sounds and how important regional poetry can be. Wish there were more like you."                     

 Bob McCarthy, CHUO-FM89 Radio   Ontario, Canada

Poetry and Music Extraordinaire by Hedwig Gorski and D'Jalma Garnier

with original band members Booka Michel and Horatio Rodriguez


 Photo by Alan Pogue in front of Lucy in Disguise, Austin, Texas (download high-res of photo here) 

    Booka Michel drums/percussion          Horatio Rodriguez  bass             

    Hedwig Gorski  spoken vocals/poet    D'Jalma Garnier  guitar/composer 

About Hedwig Gorski

 "Gorski is widely acknowledged as one of our innovative and most compelling poets." New Texas Magazine

"Gorski is alien, gypsy; she makes the mundane, the obvious seem--no, become--otherwordly. The East of Eden Band is a rock n' roll fettle." Ric Williams, Austin Chronicle

"Gorski's poetry is close to music, with effective sound play. She creates images that soothe, tease, cut to the bone." John Herndon, Austin-American Statesman.

"A first-rate multi-media language artist and literary talent of wide ranging skills and accomplishments." Loris Essary, Noumenon Foundation

"She is an avant-garde artist who successfully blends her love of performance and sound with the dreamy images of spiritual and philosophical musings spiralling from her curioser and curioser mind's eye." Ric Williams, Litera

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"From Box to Living Room to Box"

recorded live on KUT-FM radio


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Photos of Hedwig Gorski with D'Jalma Garnier Duet


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Hedwig Gorski




Send in the Clown                     East of Eden                  CD      2008

Carnivalesque Raw                    Duets/band                    CD      2006

Polish Gypsy with Ghosts            East of Eden      vinyl 33 1/3      1990

East of Eden Band                     East of Eden   cassette tape      1985

Snatches of the Visible Unreal     duets             cassette tape      1983



"Very popular on the underground circuit. She is remakably good at telling stories of people, either descriptions of them ("Teenager in Nova Scotia"; "Peek Now You Acid Tripper"), or, seemingly, as personal experiences related as a commentary on what moticates people ("A Drunken Savoir"). These folks are professional and interesting." Bix Larda, Sound Choice

Read and see copies of the full reviews excerpted here on the linked REVIEWS PAGE

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 View the video of live presentation on YouTube

D'Jalma Garnier's Deconstruction In Thirds (© Garnier) "Rising Melodic Chords" poem by performed by Hedwig Gorski. Presentation at the University
 of Louisiana at Lafayette Dec 2008

Note: the poem title changed to "Brooding Black Face" for the CD radio recording by East of Eden Band