About Us

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East Indy Trailblazers was founded in 2008 by Mark Lehman.  He wanted a place for his daughter to be able to play soccer at a high school level but in a home school envi
ronment.  It was her passion for the game that got the ball rolling and before long the club was founded.  A call out was made to the local home school community and a team was formed.  It was a rough start, with only half of the kids having previous soccer experience, but with the the help of those that had played and the dedication of a coach Lehman, the team was off and running.  

In 2012, Randy Kemerly initiated the next chapter in Trailblazer history, leading the club through several years of growth.  He was joined by coaches Chris Grunden and former player Alli (Huang) Lohman, and started the first Girls Varsity team which placed 2nd in the state.  The Trailblazers joined ranks with fellow homeschool soccer club Oak Forest Fury in 2015 and 2016 to continue offering a competitive varsity soccer experience for both clubs' players.

After the 2016 season, Randy and Fury coach Rick Sucietto retired and handed the reins to Chris Grunden.

Through its history the club has seen many good times and great memories, including back-to-back state titles, a fourth place in the national tournament, and friendships that will last forever.  We are excited to carry the torch and continue to give homeschooled students the opportunity to play competitive soccer.

Chris Grunden - Head Coach (Boys and Girls)
Coach Grunden comes to the East Indy Trailblazers club with over 15 years of soccer experience as a player and coach.  He is excited and honored to be part of the East Indy Trailblazers club and is committed to providing the attention and guidance that will help our players hone their soccer skills, but also develop a fit and healthy lifestyle.  On and off the field, Chris desires that our players do all things with excellence and be engaged in Christian      fellowship and witness.

Dyar Soendlin - Assistant Coach (Boys and Girls)

Coach Soendlin has been officially coaching with the club for 2 seasons, but has been actively involved much longer.  He loves to see our players succeed and consistently encourages them to grow and improve.

Dave Bagnall - Assistant Coach (Boys)

This is Coach Bagnall's 1st season with the Trailblazers.  He brings previous coaching experience and contagious enthusiasm,  making him a tremendous asset for our young team.

Joe Hansome - Assistant Coach (Girls)

2017 is also Coach Hansome's 1st season with the Trailblazers.  As a former (and current) player, he offers a technical and strategic insights to help our ladies take their game to the next level.