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Bottle Masala Recipe

Bottle Masala is a East Indian spice mixture ( masala ). It can be used to flavour meats, chicken, fish, vegetables, pulses ( eg. chole ). Bottle Masala used to be made in large quantities ( sufficient for one year ). The following recipe is suitable for apartment dwellers who require a smaller quantity.
Ingredients :
250 gm Kashmir Chillies
25 gm Reshampati Chillies
25 gm "Goa" Chillies
100 gm Coriander seeds ( Dhania )
20 gm Cumin seeds ( Jeera )
20 gm Pepper corns
20 gm Wheat
40 gm Sesame seeds ( Til )
40 gm Poppy seeds ( Khus khus )
40 gm Mustard seeds ( Rye )
40 gm Chick Peas ( Channa dal )
6 inches Cinnamon sticks ( Dalchini )
7 nos Cardamom ( Elaichi )
12 nos Cloves ( Lavang )
30 gm Turmeric ( Haldi )
1 tea sp (each) Asafetida ( Hing ), Nutmeg ( Jaiphal ), Mace ( Jaivantri ), Mypatri , Nagkesar , Triphal , Kababchini , Star anise ( Bhadyan ), Badishep , Fenugreek seeds ( Methi seeds ), Bay leaves ( Sambharpan ), Dagarphul , Shahjeera .
Instructions :
Remove and discard the stems of the Kashmir chillies. Break chillies into two or three pieces. Gently roast until the skin darkens slightly.
Lightly roast each of the spices. The ingredients whose quantities are " 1 tea sp (each) " can be roasted together.
Let all the roasted ingredients cool to room temperature.
Put all the ingredients in a mixer/grinder and turn on the machine until the spices are finely ground. Sieve. Repeat this procedure with the thicker pieces.
Allow the ground mixture to cool and store in a sterilised air-tight bottle. Keep it away from heat and sunlight.
Notes :
This recipe yields about 350 gms of Bottle Masala.
The ingredients should be roasted in a heavy bottom frying pan on low heat to avoid burning. Or they can be roasted in an electric oven.
Bottle Masala is used in : Khudi, Sorpotel, Lonvas, East Indian Dal.

Bottle Masala (coarsely ground):
Bottle Masala

BottleMasala (coarsely ground):

Bottle Masala Ingredients (coming soon) :

Movie/Video of the ingredients used and preparing Bottle Masala (coming soon): Bottle Masala Recipe Video

Bottle Masala Recipe Movie - Video

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