Eastern Iowa Hunting Retriever Association

Eastern Iowa Hunting Retriever Association (EIHRA) was formed to help Iowa hunters make the most of their retrievers – both as upland and waterfowl hunters. Club activities are open to any vaccinated dogs intended for use as hunting retrievers. We have Labradors, Goldens, Chesapeakes, Flat Coats, Standard Poodles, American Water Spaniels and versatile breeds.

Our scheduled events include informal club events, licensed NAHRA and AKC tests as well as numerous other events throughout the year. Our informal club tests help handlers and dogs get ready for the more formal tests in the spring - and real hunting in the fall. Club events have tests for beginning handlers with puppies as well as beginning to advanced dogs.

Our club events are held at Hawkeye Wildlife Area near North Liberty and various other venues. Our members live across Eastern Iowa, so we also have local training groups within the club.  Maps can be found on the announcements page.

Our licensed events are non-competitive AKC and NAHRA "hunt tests" rather than competitive "field trials" run for first place. NAHRA has upland tests as part of their licensed program and both AKC and NAHRA simulate waterfowl hunting at three levels of proficiency: elementary, intermediate and advanced.

We do not hold club events during the hunting seasons because almost all of our members are busy then actually hunting ducks, geese, and pheasants with their retrievers.

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