For EHS Students and Parents

(Hard copies of these forms are available in trays just outside the FDCC office)

Fee waiver form
Materials for consumer type classes such as Food Lab and Pottery are very expensive.  To help offset this cost, we require each student who enrolls in these classes to pay a lab fee.  Sometimes money is very tight, and even $10 or $25 is a lot.  If a student is unable to pay a lab fee but still wishes to enroll in the class, he/she may request a payment plan or a lab fee waiver.  If a student requests a fee waiver, financial documentation is needed.  To qualify, your family must receive public financial assistance or qualify--based on family size and income--for the free/reduced lunch program. (Examples of documentation would be a copy of Denali KidCare card, AFDC Issuance History, Food Stamp Benefits, Medicaid, or a copy of a free lunch letter for a sibling)

You can either download the form (link located at the bottom of this page) to print out, or pick up a form just outside my office (inside the main administrative offices) to fill out and turn in.  This form must be completely filled out with the necessary documentation attached.  The documentation must be valid for the same school year that the class was taken.

Please turn in all waivers during the school year that the class was taken in order to make it easier for you to provide the documentation, and in order to help us to reduce the number of open fines our school has to track.
Parking permit form
Student parking permits may be purchased at the FDCC office.  You may pay for one semester at a time ($55), or both semesters ($110) at the the beginning of the school year.  The fee must be paid and the form must be completely filled out and signed by both the student at the guardian before a permit is issued. (Leave the "Receipt #" and "Permit #" fields blank--they will be filled in by the FDCC.)
Students who park in any East HS parking lot without a properly displayed parking permit (or day pass) will be ticketed.  To avoid costly tickets (violations range from $10 to $25, and a student may incur more than one violation per ticket), please follow the posted signs and obtain a proper permit or pass BEFORE the school day starts.  Be aware that the first row has some Pool Staff parking only and is not for student use (the area has signs posted).

For students who often switch vehicles, one additional permit may be issued at no additional cost.  Students who very rarely use the parking lot may wish to purchase a day pass on occasion.  A day pass is $5, and must be properly displayed in the car windshield (near the IM sticker) before the school day starts to avoid tickets.

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