Taxation is a major source of revenue for most townships, and is necessary to keep life comfortable for residents. Taxes help to keep roads serviced, schools running, and emergency services available. For more information, view the official 2009 Tax Resolution for the township.

Residents of East Hopewell Township recieve tax bills in February and July. While these tax bills are inclusive of County and School taxes, the bills are payable to the East Hopewell Township Tax Collector, Kimberly P. Griffin.

Types of taxes

Real Estate Tax

Real Estate taxes are based on a millage basis. One mill is equal to $1.00 of tax per every $1,000 of real estate assessed value. The current millage rate for East Hopewell Township is 0.074. Therefor, if your property is assessed at $100,000, then you would owe $74 in taxes to East Hopewell Township at its current rate of 0.074.

Per Capita Tax

East Hopewell Township has eliminated Per Capita Taxes effective January 1, 2018.

Earned Income Tax

The earned income tax was enacted in 1965 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly under Act 511.The tax is on earned income and net profits and is based on the taxpayer’s place of residence (domicile) and NOT their place of employment.The York/ Adams Tax Bureau is responsible for the collection of these taxes.For more information, click here

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