Snow Removal

East Hopewell Township's primary concern during the winter months is the safety of its residents. When hazardous winter weather strikes, the Township responds with timely and efficient snow removal and de-icing strategies. Currently, the Township has three snow plow drivers, all of whom are required to have their Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

East Hopewell Township has approximately 50 road miles to maintain. With a fleet of 13 pieces of equipment that can be mobilized when storms arise, the Township has predetermined snow routes that clear roadways in order of priority. Residents are asked to remember that snow removal always takes place during a time of emergency. Snow plow operators work extended hours to ensure that roadways are clear and passable. Please help the Public Works department by following the safety tips below.

  1. Snowplows create a swirl of snow that can blind the driver of others cars on the roadway. Pass slowly and with care!
  2. Snow trucks may also be dispensing salt from the back of the truck. Don't follow too closely or you may damage your vehicle with the salt.
  3. If hazardous weather is in the forecast, try not to park your vehicle on the street. This allows the snow crews to more effectively clear streets and minimizes the risk of damage to vehicles.
  4. Don't stop too closely behind a stopped snowplow. The driver may be preparing to change direction and may not see you.
  5. Don't pass a snowplow unless your visibility is perfectly clear and it is 100% safe for you, the snowplow driver, and other vehicles.
  6. Do not allow unsupervised children to play in roadways while snow plows are in operation.
  7. Please remember that plow operators cannot prevent snow accumulation at the end of driveways and around mailboxes.

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