Road Work

Public Works
The East Hopewell Township public works crew provides many important public services for Township residents. The crew consists of one Road Foreman, John Ricks III, and one Road Worker, Robert Streett, Jr. During times of inclement weather, additional seasonal workers help with snow removal. There are over 70 miles of public roads in the township, approximately 50 of which are the responsibility of the township. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation maintains the other 20 miles of road.

The principal elements of the maintenance program include:

  • street overlays
  • seal coating
  • asphalt resurfacing
  • asphalt patching
  • gravel shouldering
  • grading
So that the township can effectively and efficiently succeed at keeping the roadways in operation, it owns a fleet of heavy equipment. Included in this fleet is:
  • 1 Front End Loader
  • 1 Backhoe
  • 1 Grader
  • 1 Mowing Tractor
  • 3 Dumptrucks
  • 4 Plows
  • Countless Tools

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