Roadside Maintenance

The East Hopewell Township Public Works department provides roadside maintenance services during the growing season. Roads throughout the township are regularly maintained not only to look appealing, but also to assist with drainage and overall safety. Roadside maintenance broadly encompasses the following activities:

  • mowing
  • weed spraying
  • brush cutting
  • culvert and ditch maintenance
  • litter clean up


East Hopewell owns one roadside mower with attachments specially designed to mow steep enbankments as well as ditches and culverts. Township employees systematically tackle the high grass and weeds. The crew usually completes 2 to 3 rounds throughout the township during one season.

Culvert and Ditch Maintenance

Culverts and ditches must be maintained to ensure proper drainage from the roadway and into culverts. This work includes the cleaning and shaping of roadside ditches in conjunction with blading roadside shoulders, cleaning gutters, and cleaning, repairing, and replacing culverts.

Litter Clean Up

Litter and debris often accumulate along township roads. The Public Works department does perform litter removal to a certain extent, but would appreciate the help of all residents to help keep East Hopewell beautiful! Residents can help by refraining from discarding litter along the roadway and by keeping trash in proper recepticles. The township annually coordinates a volunteer litter pick-up campaign as well. Residents interested in doing their part to maintain clean roadways can call Martha Miller at 993-6529 or by emailing

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