Welcome to the results pages for the Scottish Hockey Union East District Men's Outdoor Leagues. Latest tables and results are available to be viewed on each page and can be downloaded as an Excel file from the link below.
To contact the League Secretary, Toby Carless, please eMail:        hockey(at)tcarless.co.uk
East District AGM
This will be held at 7:30pm on Monday 28th April 2014 at the Grange Club. All teams holding trophies should make sure that they are returned cleaned and engraved.
Missing MRFs
The attached Excel file has details of the 85 Match Report Forms which have not been returned. Please check the list and return any to me as soon as possible.
Club contacts
Duncan Service is trying to check that the contact details which he holds for Clubs are correct. It would be helpful if all clubs could ensure that they keep him updated with the details of office bearers, especially if they change at your club AGMs.
Last updated: 28th April 2014     (Final tables and results uploaded)
Toby Carless,
28 Apr 2014, 08:51
Toby Carless,
28 Apr 2014, 08:51