Eastern Virginia Parents’ Club Meeting

Saturday, July 23, 2016

@The Pepess

Upcoming Parents’ Club Activities and Important Dates:
15 Jul Field Day
16 Jul Second Summer Session Ends
16 Jul Pike's Peak or Bust Rodeo
16 Jul Third Summer Session Begins
17 Jul Prep School - Prior Service report (In Processing)
20 Jul Prep School - Direct Entry report (In Processing)
23 Jul Doolie Day Out (Cadets can have cell phone that day)
24 Jul March out to Jacks Valley (8 am)
3 Aug March back from Jacks Valley (8 am)
 6 Aug Third Summer Session Ends
6 Aug Cadet Wing Returns by 7 pm
8 Aug Laptops Issued (tentative)
9 Aug Freshman E-mail should be up and running
9 Aug Acceptance Day Parade (9 am) (2020 class allowed cell phones)
12 Aug New Semester Classes Start


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·    Board Members for the 2016-2017 year are as follows:
      President:    Amy Pepe           
      Treasurer:   Jay Curtis