eastern queens boxing club

- a premier boxing gym - 
"Small, private, with all the amenities... people think it's a secret"....located in 
Queens, New York
We Welcome Men, Women, And Children Of All Ages!

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We work with those who have aspirations for  the Olympics and Golden Gloves, to the Professional ranks. 
We also work with those who simply want      to get in shape, or to effectively defend themselves.


“Where everyone is treated like a pro…”


Why choose BOXING over other forms of combative arts?  

     Other combat sports stress their ability to defeat a person utilizing their own rules.  Boxing has been proven effective over hundreds of years in the ring and outside of the ring.   The new movement of ground fighting is effective in a one on one setting.    The question you should ask yourself is "how many people can I fight on the ground?"  Meaning if you were to be attacked by more than one person, and fought one guy on the ground; you will be left vulnerable.  How? Well, the others can easily attack you.  
Boxing also provides the best opportunity to strike a moving tangible target (heavy bag, speed bag, double end bag, etc).   Which is far better than striking the air (as seen in some combative arts) or a non-moving target (a piece of wood). 


Why choose EQBC?
EQBC provides a clean, safe, and disciplined environment.

EQBC focuses on fundamentals and the individual boxer.

Training is 24 hours a day, by appointment.  

It's the place to go to get real attention and be treated like a pro.

What Makes EQBC Different?

  •                   Individualized training and NOT JUST SAYING THAT.
  •                True club atmosphere.  Family without the obligation.
  •                     No pressure to spar or participate in ANY activities. Inspiring, not pressuring.
  •                     Video analysis and coach-boxer reviews.
  •                     No wasting time holding pads for others unless   you want to.  The coach does mittwork/padwork for everyone.   
  •                     Weekly run meets.
  •                     Apprentice coaching.
  •                     No set time.  24 hour availability. 
  •                     No hero/idol worship.  And coaches are not drill sergeants unless it’is part of an individuals plan.
  •                     No egos.
  •                   More boxing specific equipment than ANY other gym GUARANTEED.  If we don’t have it and it is beneficial, we’will buy it so you can improve and enjoy.
  •                     Advisory meetings for any boxer who needs to be pointed in the right direction for getting help in areas not only boxing related.
  • Working relationship with other gyms... for sparring and fair competition.
  •                     Fight parties at no cost unless for St. Judes charity.
 Also visit www.ShootaFairOne.com  to read the coaches' blog....
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