2007 meeting schedule


EMBA home


Jan 4th, 2007

Bob Finck- Winter feeding and feeder types

Steve Harris- Equipment repair



Feb 1st, 2007

Ted Jansen –Spring chores



March, 2007

EMBA Banquet


April 5th, 2007


Jim Buxton, Ted Jansen, Bob Sears


May 3rd , 2007

Scott Moiser – Bee Diseases



August 2, 2007     

Rev. Grant Gillard - Fall Maintenance

Grant Gillard had some very interesting sessions at the Missouri State Beekeeping meeting.

He has about 120 hives at about 10 sites in Cape Girardeau County.  See his article "Exploring Myths of Beekeeping" in The American Bee Journal.      


September 6, 2007

Dr. Stu Jacobson - NUCs

Stu Jacobson has been jkeeping bees since 1970.  After Peace Corps work in Brazil he received his Ph.D. from Boston University.  In 1978 he began to study Africanized bees.  Since 1998 he has been doing research on the production of dqueens and nucs.


October 4, 2007

Valarie  - Marketing Honey Bee Products

We all remember Valarie from a previous meeting.  Valarie is very successful at her marketing techniques and is willing to share her insights with us.


November 1, 2007

Lynn Krause is a member of Chefs of Cusine of Saint Louis and collects and currently has more than 100 varieties of honeyAt our meeting she plans to discuss using different varieties for cooking special dishes. Hopefully, many members will bring food for the competition because we will probably all be hungry after Lynn's presentation.