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My Qualifications:

I was one of the pioneer researchers at Google Answers, when it started in April 2002 until the service ended in 2006. Since that time I have answered more than 1200 questions and acquired a high rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. 

 I have also received acclaim as a Google Answers Researcher and have been cited in different publications.

  • I was named Researcher of the Week in Oct. 10, 2002 issue of the Google Answers Researcher Newsletter. 

  • My work on the topic "Multivitamins or Individual Vitamins?" was cited in a Wall Street Journal article.

  • My research as regards to "Ambient Marketing" has been used as an official academic resource at the University of Leeds.

  • Why Would You Need My Research?

    Some say that everything can be found on the Internet so why don't I just do my own research? Actually you can but the problem is that, the internet has become so vast and so large that specialized tools and skills are now needed to get the most relevant information. 


    Another reason for outsourcing your research is that it saves you a lot of time. Time that can be used instead for other aspects of your business, family time and even additional leisure hours. We can provide information in a matter of hours or days depending on the complexity of your requirements


    We can also present the results to you in an organized manner, removing all the clutter not relevant to your objectives.

    Sample Works:

    - Starting a Hedge Fund 

    - Contact details 

    - Cost of Living for an Expat 

    - Nutritionist jobs question 

    - Scholarship Websites 

    - Volunteer Graffiti Removal in NYC

    - Smart Card Factory Issues  

    - Functional Food 

    - Publicity Costs Percentage of Movies  

    How to Avail of My Services:

     You can avail of my services in different ways.


    1. EMAIL ME - A simple way to get your research requirements done is to contact me via email and and we can talk on the details about the research project in a more private and personal approach. We can do the transaction via Paypal.


    Please note that I am an independent contractor for Google Answers and not an employee. Google or Google Answers also does not endorse my private services. 

    2. Getafreelancer.com - I also provide research and data entry services at Getafreelancer.com. Post a project specifically for me and we will do all thta we can to help you out.





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