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Welcome to the Home of Writing 
in South East London.

Helping writers to help themselves for over two decades.

The East Dulwich Writers' Group is an informal collection of authors living in south east London, some published, some yet-to-be,  and all at different stages in their writing. We meet on Saturday evenings at each others homes approximately once a fortnight. The atmosphere is intimate. Our email list may be large but it is rare to have more than eight members at a meeting. There are also regular weekday meetings for those who can't make the Saturday meetings.
Members read ongoing work, discuss ideas, writing blocks etc. We also give constructive criticism, suggestions and lots of encouragement. The aim is to improve our writing and keep motivated. 
The writing is as varied as our members. All styles, formats and genres welcome.


Some of the EDWG members enjoying our fortnightly coffee caucus

Would you like to be involved?

New members are always welcome. Email us at  info@edwg.co.uk and we will let you know when we are meeting next.

Quite often new people choose not to read at their first (or more) visit until they feel more comfortable. We all still get butterflies when we read and recognise it can feel a bit intimidating to start with. Of course, if you want to read first time, that's fine too.

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