East Coast Combinatorics Conference 2015
Graphs-and-Games Mini-Workshop

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The 10th ECCC will be held July 27-28th at Mount Allison University, Sackville NB.  

The AARMS Graphs-and-Games Collaborative Research Group will host an a mini-workshop on Wednesday, July 29th at Mount Allison University.


The East Coast Combinatorics Conference series is designed to bring together mathematicians and computer scientists interested in all aspects of combinatorics.

The scope of the conference is intended to cover most aspects of modern combinatorics, including but not limited to graph theory, extremal combinatorics, combinatorial optimization, probabilistic combinatorics, combinatorial number theory, design theory, finite geometries, and applications of combinatorics in computer science.

The plenary speaker will be Dr. P. Danziger (Ryerson University). The conference will also feature (25 min) contributed presentations by faculty, graduate students, and post-docs.  


Immediately following the conference, a Graphs-and-Games workshop will be held at Mount Allison.  This workshop will provide a venue for undergraduate students to give (15 min) talks on their in-progress summer research projects.  The workshop will also have a problems session in which(undergraduate-friendly) research problems will be presented.  The participants will subsequently break into groups to attack these problems collaboratively.  This workshop follows the model of the Graphs-and-Games workshop held at St. F.X. in August 2014.  Although this workshop is “undergraduate friendly”, we encourage faculty and graduate students to participate.  This workshop will be hosted by the AARMS Graphs-and-Games Collaborative Research Group.  Undergraduate students are encouraged to attend both the ECCC and the mini-workshop.

Contributed Talks

Any faculty, post-docs, or graduate students wishing to give a talk at the ECCC should contact M. Messinger (address below).

Any undergraduate students wishing to give a talk in the workshop should contact M. Messinger (address below).