Sending Email in Google

    Sending emails in Google

 Sending an email to an individual

REMEMBER - Not everyone has moved into Google yet.  Because of this, you have to send all individual emails to the receivers First Class email address.

Once all your friends and colleagues are in Google, all email sent to their First Class will be automatically forwarded to their Google account. So no need to send it to gmail now. We will let you know when to stop sending to First Class accounts.

Sending example: Make sure to send to    not the first one listed (Google account)

Sending an email to a group

When sending an email to a group, ( EC News, Curriculum Staff, NCLBs, etc ), you will simply begin typing the name of the group and then select it from the list that pops up.
Emails that are sent to groups in Google will send a copy to the receiver's inbox in Google AND their inbox in FirstClass.

Examples of groups that have been created in Google are:


Group Name

In First Class

 In/From Google
 EC News
 {EC News}
 ECHS News    
 Echsgoogle News
{ECHS News}
 HMS News    
 Heritagegoogle News
{HMS News}
 Legacy News
 Legacygoogle News
{LMS News}
 Oak Crest News
 Oakcrestgoogle News
{OC News
 Salado News
 Saladogoogle News
{Salado News}
 Harmony News
 Harmonygoogle News
 {Harmony News}    
 Highland Forest News
 Hfgoogle News
{HF News}
 John Glenn News
 Johnglenngoogle News
{JG News}
 Pecan Valley News
 Pecanvalleygoogle News
{PV News}
 Sinclair News
 Sinclairgoogle News    
 {Sinclair News}
 ECDC News
Ecdcgoogle News    
{ECDC News}
 Curriculum Staff
 Curriculum Staff Google
 Principals Principals Google
 Assistant Principals
 AssistantPrincipals Google
{Assistant Principals}
 NCLB/AdminNCLB/Admin Google
 Counselors Counselors Google
 Health Services
 Health Services Google
 {Health Services}
 Librarians     Librarians Google
 spedfacilitatorsec Google