Google Calendar

Google Calendar Quick Video Clips     
Explore the Google Calendar interface
Creating New Calendar Events
Editing and Deleting Calendar Events
Create repeating events

Sharing a Google Calendar(0:53) Share your calendar
Sharing Google Calendars
(9:03) A more detailed look at sharing calendars.
  View Calendar video clips

 (1:00 - 5:00) Short clips on creating and editing events, inviting guests, and sharing your calendar.
  Browse an interactive overview Click through this interactive Flash presentation to learn about Google Calendar from each part of its interface.

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Getting Started  Calendar PDF's
Scheduling and other calendar basics      Schedule events, send invitations, add attachments, and print your calendar.
Set up reminders, sharing, and more Set up event reminders, invitation replies, calendar sharing, and additional calendars.

For even more information about using Google Calendar, check out the Calendar Help Center.

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