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Good Afternoon Chess Friends!  

It's been a while since this site has been updated, but we have some chess news!  Gordan Ray is going to be launching up the TACO again on March 31st at the Witherspoon Student Center on NC State's Campus in Raleigh, NC.  Details for that are available now and we should have a registration link up by the end of the weekend.  Beyond that, not much news to report on as far as things out east... those of you running your respected chess clubs out east, get with me and I'll link up your tournaments up here as an additional outreach source.

Checking out from Phoenix, AZ... teaching young minds how to play the game of chess.

Victor Beaman,
Hwy. 264 Chess Founder

Good Morning from Phoenix,

I hope everyone back home has been able to recover from the hurricane that came through.  Anyway, Gordan has provided the details for the next major chess scholastics event in Eastern NC, that is set to take place next year, and that page is now up and available.  I have also updated the club contact information for the Greenville Chess Club, and John Wehrenberg is the contact for that group now.  He normally is there every Wednesday, and always looking for a game, so come out if you want to play.  They still meet out there, as far as I know.

As for me, things are going okay here, still on the prowl for work, I have had lots of interviews over the past couple of weeks and got a chance to catch up with some friends from back out east, earlier this week.  My main role now is just keep this site up to date with the information about tournaments that are going on back home.... until they find a tech savvy replacement out there for me.  Anyway, that's all from me for now, take care everyone.



Good Morning Chess Family,

I hope everyone is doing well today.  After taking a long time to think about things going on personally for me, I have decided to make a move that maybe better for me over the long haul.  Unless something happens in the next month, I'm taking an opportunity to move out to Phoenix, AZ.  I have no luck finding work over the past few months here, and have been given the opportunity to move out there with some support from my family to try and get back on my feet. This by far was one of the toughest decision I have ever had to make, but I feel like it will pay dividends when it is all said and done.  That being said, this means I have to cancel all remaining tournaments from this point forward as I am trying to get ready to move.  For those that are owed money from a tournament, please shoot me an e-mail with your address, so I can make sure you will get paid as soon as possible.  I want to make sure no one has to clean up after me with that.

Now, what does this mean for the future of chess here in the east?  I feel like I am leaving the group in very capable hands to successfully run things in the future.  I know three great club organizers here that will see to it that chess will continue on in my absence, and will name my overall successor, within the next month.

I know it won't be the same with my events not going on or having me around, but North Carolina has blossomed over the past few years, to the point that we have way too many options.  So losing some tournaments won't hurt as badly as it might of a few years ago.

Finally, I want to say thank you to a few people.  First, should go to my first chess coach Nate Talbert, whom without him I would not of even gotten into this wonderful game for so long.  Next, would have to be Dr. Richard Miller, whom has been a great friend to me through my times, first as one of his students on the chessboard and in his classroom, and then as a dear friend afterwards, he is one of the most important cogs we have here out east as he continuously churns out new chess players for our community.  Third, would be John Wehrenberg, who has been one of my most loyal friends, kinda like a father figure to me, and one of my travel companion over the last few years driving up and down eastern NC, I just love hearing his old stories about life and the simpler times in life.  Fourth, Jeff Jones, for being a mentor to me when I first learning how to direct tournaments and guiding me in the right direction.  Fifth, Rudy Abate,  you've been a great student of mine when it came to learning the ropes of directing have have far exceeded any of my wildest dreams by becoming NTD, I'm glad that you're here and able to run all the big tournaments now.  Sixth, Gordan Ray, I really feel like you have become the new face out here when it comes to running chess tournaments, with a very stout scholastic program in Wilson, you have a lot of kids that are going to do great things as long as you keep training them up.   Thanks for always inviting me over to play chess at your house, and helping me out with the chess tournaments in Raleigh.  It really means a lot to me.  Last but definitely not least, I want to thank all of you, my chess family, for supporting me through thick and thin during all of these years, just remember, without you there is no chess.

Well, that's it for me.  I hope all of you take care of yourselves, and maybe you'll see me around sometime before I leave.  :)


News Flash!  The Greenville Chess Club is reducing it's meeting time to 6:30-9 pm since the bookstore will be closing at 9pm from here on out.  So all you late attendees need to get there a bit earlier if you want to play chess.



Good Evening Chess Players,

I hope everyone has been doing well lately.  Here is the update from the H264 Chess Scene.... slow.  Both the Greenville and Washington clubs have been slacking in attendance lately, likely due to it nice warm weather and knowing most folks have plans with the families so it might be a crawl the next few months.

Onto news from the last Tournament.  The RACE 6 had a great turnout as we were able to pay over expectations in both sections.  Finishing in a tie for first in the Open section was Evan Whittington and James Dill who emerged in an upset minded tournament field with 2.5 scores to take home $75 each.  Other prize winners include Phillip Whittington, Larry Williams, Rohan Iyer, and Evan Zhang.
In the Under 1700 section, Nicholas Place and Nicodemus Njuguna, finished with 2.5 scores to take first place, winning $60 each.  Other prize winners from the Under 1700 section include:  Justin Lockett, Yogya Koneru, Andrew Zeng, and Raghav Chamarty.

Finally, onto a more personal subject.  Things have not been going great here lately for me, so right now, the plan is to continue with the tournament schedule through July.  I'm not sure about the other three tournaments, but we have plenty of time before the next event (RACE 7) occurs.  I probably will have more news by the end of July as to what will happen with the remaining tournaments that are planned.... so I'm just hoping for the best right now, until then it's business as usual. 

That's it for me, hope all of you are enjoying the warm weather/summer vacation.

Until the next tournament take care everyone.



Live update from the RACE!  

Good Morning Chess Players, I hope everyone is doing well today.  I've been a bit slack at my job here lately, but here is your April and May Chess Update.

The REACT saw a turnout of 16 of the most fierce chess players out in the area, and congratulations to Emmanuel Carter who swept the competition with a 5-0 score to finish in first place taking home $60 for his winning efforts.  Finishing in second was Benjamin Yan with a 3.5 score.  Overall youth continued to dominate with 7 of the 9 prize finishers being under 18.

So far the RACE 6 has a strong player turnout of 26, so things look really promising.... stay tune for the results hopefully tomorrow.

Until then..... VB checking out!


So March is more of an inactive month for us tournament wise, but I do have a few things to announce, so here we go!

Starting at the April REACT tournament forward, players need to have equipment with them.  Otherwise you can rent equipment from me for the tournament.  I have to try and recoop some of the costs you know.  ;)

Next, looking back at the state scholastics tournament.  I want to give a shout out to a few of our area players/teams.

Bethany Ray - 3rd Place in K-12 DII
Michael O'Kelly - U1100 3rd Place in K-12 DII
Lyrica Handley - 3rd Place in K-8 DII

D.H. Conley High School - 5th Place Team in K-12 DII

That's it for this report.  Thanks for stopping in.



Good Evening Chess Players!  I apologize that I haven't been prompt with my most recent update since the last tournaments, but here we go with your February edition of the Opening View.

First off, congratulations goes out to the first set of winners in the ENCSCC.

Bethany Ray:  K-12 Advanced Champion
Andrew Witter:  K-8 Advanced Champion
Reed Crowder:  K-12 Intermediate Champion
Kelly Begazo, Christopher Judd, and Graham Watts:  K-8 Intermediate Co-Champions

Thank you to all the kids and sponsors that came out and made this tournament possible.

On to the RACE now!

Congratulations goes out to the Fernando's... Oliver and Ronald as they swept both sections of the RACE with perfect 3.0 scores.  In the Open section, Neo Zhu finished 2nd with a 2.5/3.0 score, and in the under 1700 section Gordan Ray and Joshua Kerr both finished with 2.5/3.0 scores.  22 players participated in the event.  

Other prize winners include:
Joshua Taylor
Ziyang Qiu
Tom Mayes

Thank you to all that came out for the event.

Well, that's it for me.  I hope all to see a lot of you out this weekend at the State Scholastics in Winston Salem.



Good Morning Chess players and fans!  I hope everyone had a great new year.  Got some nuggets of news to share, so here we go.

The REACT was yesterday and we had quite a decent turnout of 20 players for the event, and Emmanuel Carter swept the day with a perfect 5-0 record to win the tournament and $84 for his performance.  Youth, continued to be served as Alex Chen finished in second with a 3.5 score and took home $42 for his performance.  

Additional prize winners are as followed:
Benjamin Yan
Evan Whittington
Phillip Whittington
Larry Williams
Stanley Fontaine
Aidan Moren-Bates

Thank you to all who participated in the event.

Greenville also held a holiday blitz tournament for their last club meeting and it was quite a logjam at the top with Victor Beaman and Gordan Ray finishing with 7.5/10 scores for the tournament.  Trevin Murray was only a half a point back in 3rd with a 7/10 score.

Thank you to all the Greenville Club members that participated and donated towards the ENCSCC that is scheduled to take place next week.

That's all I've got for today hope to see a strong turnout for the ENCSCC coming up this weekend.  


12-13-15   Good Evening and Happy Holidays Chess Players!  We've got a lot of updating that needs to be done so here we go!

As you can see, the 
affiliate naming has changed from East Carolina Chess to Highway 264 Chess Promotions.  The reason basically is that a good portion of our events don't really occur in Eastern NC anymore, so we wanted to name our group based on some theme that ties in the Raleigh Market and since 264 runs into Raleigh, this made the most sense to me.  So, hopefully all of your old links are still working as the East Carolina Chess scripts should still be working, until we get the domain and e-mails up.  Anyway, onto other news.

The 2016 RACE and REACT schedules are up now, so take a look and make plans on your calendars!

The 2015 Greenville Chess Club Holiday Blitz tournament will take place on December 30th at Barnes and Nobles. (GCC meeting site)
USCF Blitz Tournament:  5-DSS G/5;d0
Reg. 7:00-7:30
Rounds  7:45 pm, 8:10 pm, 8:35 pm, 9 pm, and 9:25pm
Entry Fee:  None, but we are asking for donations towards the ENCSCC that is taking place on January 9th.

Speaking of donations, if you have prize money credits and would like to donate it towards door prizes for the kids, please let me know as soon as possible.  We are finalizing a few things and could still use donations to help offset unforeseen expenses.

Recent Chess Events:
The final event of the 2015 Adult took place before Thanksgiving and it was definitely a RACE to the finish.  In the open section, congratulations to  Robin Cunningham and Kenneth Jackson finishing with a 2.5/3 scores to take first and second place in the Open section of the RACE.  In the Under 1600 section, Gordan Ray took advantage of the having a low supplement rating at the time of the event to sweep the event with a 3.0 score.  18 players in total participated and the crosstable for the event is available here.

Next up was our Winter Scholastics and Adult Event at D.H. Conley.  Section winners were as followed:
Adults (Champs):  Victor Beaman and Richard Barnes with a 3/4 score.
Kings:  Andrew Bounds with a 4/4 score.
Queens:  James Johnson with a 4/4 score.
Knights:  Ethan Parker with a 3.5/4 score.
Overall, 29 players participated and the crosstable is available here.

I think this covers everything for now, thanks for catching up and see you in 2016 if not at the holiday tournament.


11-21-15  I noticed we have a lot of credits up on the prize money owed list.  Here's an opportunity for those who would like to make an impact on the chess movement out east.  As you know, we are running the first annual ENC scholastic Chess Championship this January.  If you would like to put your credits up as a donation towards the event, please send me an e-mail at  All money collected is going towards the kids in forms of door prizes, and scholarships, so it's a great opportunity to make a positive impact in the chess community with the money that is sitting in our Account Payable right now.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


11-16-15  A lot of updates to get to today!  It's been a while since I've lasted updated the site, I think I did a quick update about the prize money owed as of the last REACT.  

Another decent showing for the REACT with 21 participants.  Congratulations to Robin Cunningham who finished with a 3.5 out of 4 score to place 1st in the most recent REACT tournament.  Thank you to all that came, and the cross-table is available here.

Meanwhile in scholastic action, congratulations to goes out to Charity Handley and Graham Watts for winning the most recent ECC Scholastic tournament in Wilson.  Charity finished with a 4.5/5 score in the K-12 section and Graham went undefeated with a 5-0 score in the K-6 section.  Overall, we had 28 players participate.  Cross-table for the event is available here.

Thank you to everyone that has come out to the past few events and hope you can make it out to the RACE this weekend.


9-3-15  Lots of new news this time from me... what are we looking at:
First, Let's rewind the clock a couple of weeks ago to the RACE 3.  A slightly lighter turnout, probably due to the NC Open being the following weekend.  However, the show went on.  We had 18 total players for the event with over 50% of the field bring home money.

Congrats goes out to the following for cashing in the event.

Prizes. RACE 3: Open
Name                                         Prize
Alexa Villafuerte (2.5/2171) 45.00 (1st/2nd)
Joshua D Taylor (2.5/1873) 45.00 (1st/2nd)
Ziyang Qiu (2.0/1355)           15.00 (U2000/U1800)
Santosh Dasari (2.0/1260) 15.00 (U2000/U1800)
Benjamin Yan (2.0/1729)         15.00 (U2000/U1800)

Prizes. RACE 3: U1600
Name                                                  Prize
Nicodemus Njuguna (2.5/1324) 45.00 (1st/2nd)
Jeff Mc Adams (2.5/1505)                 45.00 (1st/2nd)
Tom Mayes (2.0/963)                 25.00 (U1300)
Aditya Mukherjee (1.0/376)         10.00 (U1100)
Sanjana Dasari (1.0/652)                 10.00 (U1100)

An overall good showing at the NC Open from our Eastern Carolina Extended family, congrats to Paul King from Fayetteville who finshed with a 4.5/5 score  and Tied for 1st in the U2000 section and Evan Zhang from Wilmington, who finished 2nd and pocket $500 with a 4.5/5 score.  Other cash-in players that are associated with our ECC family include Mike Tedder, Ray Hight, and Jeff Walsh.

Finally, we turn to the scholastic side of the family.  In addition to our scholastic tournaments we are launching up live this year.  We are excited to announce the Inaugural Eastern NC Scholastic Championships.  As a partnership between ECC, Wilson Chess Academy, and NCCA we want to provide the opportunity for the East to shine when it comes to chess.  Details are available on the site page above.

Thanks for checking in, and I hope I get to see you at a tournament soon.


8-15-15  It's a late night update from me on the view.  Just got back from Jacksonville, and their club hosting a chess tournament.  Sara always does a good job with organizing, so if you are ever down that way and a chess tournament is going on, you should check it out. Anyway, flashing back to our last event, the REACT 12 (yes, I know I screwed up on the numbering of it, but no big problem... all the results were at least right.)  The creator of the TACO, Jeff Jones 
steamrolled his way into first place with a 4-0 performance and won $94 for his performance.  Overall, we had 24 players participate with the following prize winners:

Prizes. REACT 12: Open
Name                                                 Prize credited to pool
Jeffrey Jones (4.0/1905)                 94.00 1st
Benjamin Yan (3.0/1743)                 42.00 2nd/3rd/B/C
Victor M Beaman (3.0/1764)         42.00 2nd/3rd/B/C
Priyav Chandna (3.0/2028)         42.00 2nd/3rd/B/C
Maurice Dana (3.0/2216)                 42.00 2nd/3rd/B/C
Keith R Carson (2.5/1940)             34.00 A
Ziyang Qiu (2.5/1367)                         34.00 Under 1400
Rohan Iyer (2.0/1410)                     17.00 D
Naveen Prabhu (2.0/1462)         17.00 D

Thank you to everyone that came and I hope to see you at the RACE this coming up Saturday.


7-11-15  Good Morning Chess Players!  Live here in Durham today, helping out with some TDing.  Anyway, I figured it might be time for another update.... they really need to fire the guy that does these... oh wait, that me.  ;)   Anyway, the RACE 2 was a huge success with a beyond expected turnout of 33 Players!  This means we were able to payout more than 100% of expectations!  I really do enjoy giving more back to the chess community when it's possible.  Congratulations goes to LM Maurice Dana who bested the field taking clear first with a 3-0 score in the open section.  Also, congrats to Gary Rucienski for finishing with a 3-0 score in the Under 1600 section.  It's nice to see our players out East coming up to Raleigh and win.  :)

Here are the prize winners from the event:
RACE 2: Open
Name Cash Prizes
Maurice Dana (3.0/2200)  $  100.00 1st
James C Dill (2.5/1734)  $    48.33 2nd/U2000-1st/U1800-1st
Benjamin Yan (2.5/1726)  $    48.33 2nd/U2000-1st/U1800-1st
Jay Goss (2.5/2039)  $    48.33 2nd/U2000-1st/U1800-1st
John L Wooten Jr (2.0/1853)  $    25.00 U2000 - 2nd
Michael D Tedder (2.0/1636)  $    25.00 U1800 - 2nd
Rohan Iyer (1.0/1406)  $    12.50 U1600 - 1st
Carolynn J Gaug (1.0/1543)  $    12.50 U1600 - 1st
Prizes. RACE 2: Under 1600
Name Cash Prizes
Alfred Rucienski (3.0/1493)  $    80.00 1st
Henry F Hopson (2.5/1172)  $    35.00 2nd / U1300
Bill H Putnam (2.5/1451)  $    35.00 2nd / U1300
Tom Mayes (2.0/937)  $    15.00 U1200
Nicodemus Njuguna (2.0/1182)  $    15.00 U1200

That's it from the RACE, thank you to everyone that came out.  It was a blast.  :)


6-5-2015  Good Evening Chess Players!  So I've kinda been out of commission on the chess scene for a while with a nice long break between the REACT and tomorrow's RACE which means I been slacking off a little on the job.  So first, I want to recognize our prize winners from the REACT back in April.  

Prizes. REACT 11: Open
Name                                                 Prize        Place
Lev A Zilberter (3.5/2002)                 85.00        1st
Joshua D Taylor (3.0/1783)         39.00        2nd/3rd/Group A/Group C
David L Zilberter (3.0/1478)         39.00        2nd/3rd/Group A/Group C
James A Watson (3.0/1928)         39.00        2nd/3rd/Group A/Group C
Paul L King (3.0/1871)                         39.00        2nd/3rd/Group A/Group C
John H Wehrenberg (2.5/1658) 15.00        Group B
Jahi Abdulaziz (2.5/1664)                 15.00        Group B
Bill H Putnam (2.0/1338)                 30.00       Group D

Turnout looks promising for tomorrow.  Hope you all can make it.


3-20-2015  Good Morning Chess Players!  Kind of a late update this time.  Been kinda busy with some other stuff going on.  Anyway, here is the report from the RACE tournament back on 3/7.  A modest turnout of 23 players participated in the first ever RACE tournament, and Congrats goes to Robin Cunningham, who went 3-0 and won $80 for his performance.  In the Under 1600 section, there was a 3 way tie with Chris Chaves, Mark Chaves, and Ethan Wang all tying for first with a 2.5/3 score and pocketing $40 each.   All prize winners are listed below.

Prizes. RACE: Open
# Name                                                 Prize Place
1 Robin Cunningham (3.0/2263)         $80.00 1st
5 Lev A Zilberter (2.0/2030)         $10.00 T-2nd
2 Jay Goss (2.0/2051)                         $10.00 T-2nd
4 John Smithwick (2.0/2033)              $10.00 T-2nd
6 Priyav Chandna (2.0/2006)         $10.00 T-2nd
9 Gordan Ray (1.5/1673)                 $27.50 T-1st/2nd U1800
8 Victor M Beaman (1.5/1742)         $27.50 T-1st/2nd U1800

Prizes. RACE: Under 1600
# Name                                                 Prize Place
5 Ethan Wang (2.5/1478)                 $40.00 T-1st/2nd
1 Christopher Chaves (2.5/1565)     $40.00 T-1st/2nd
4 Mark A Chaves (2.5/1513)                 $40.00 T-1st/2nd
8 James Earl Sneeden (1.5/1284)         $15.00 T-U1400
9 Nicodemus Njuguna (1.5/1276)     $15.00 T-U1400
11 Nicholas Place (1.0/996)                   $25.00 U1100/Unr.

Thanks to everyone that came out and I hope to see you at the REACT on April 11th.

1-4-2015  Good Morning Chess Players!  I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with their family.  Anyway, I have some news to report on the REACT tournament from yesterday.  It was quite the turnout for chess as we had 30 players participate.  Congratulations to Priyav Chandna who went 4-0 in the event and took home First place honors winning $125.  Second Place ended in a 5-way tie with each player receiving $47.  The Crosstable should hopefully be available shortly... waiting for that to get rated on USCF's website.  Prize winners are listed below:

Name Cash Prize
Priyav Chandna (4.0/1944)  $  125.00 1st
Robin Cunningham (3.0/2263)  $    47.00 2nd/3rd/A/B
Lev A Zilberter (3.0/1990)  $    47.00 2nd/3rd/A/B
Larry O Williams (3.0/1700)  $    47.00 2nd/3rd/A/B
Victor M Beaman (3.0/1683)  $    47.00 2nd/3rd/A/B
Phillip Whittington (3.0/1623)  $    47.00 2nd/3rd/A/B
Nikolai Astrov (2.0/1352)  $    23.00 C
David L Zilberter (2.0/1295)  $    23.00 C
Ojas Patwardhan (1.5/1111)  $    23.00 U1250
Tom Mayes (1.5/999)  $    23.00 U1250

Thank you to all that participated and I hope to see you next time at inaugural RACE Tournament.

Finally, one last Congratulations goes out to Dan Thomas, who won the annual ECC Blitzen's Christmas Tournament with a 6.5/9 score back on December 20th.