Welcome! This is the official East Carolina Association for Neuropsychology Students in Training (ANST) Webpage. The East Carolina cognitive neuroscience lab has recently created a new interest group as part of the greater APA Division 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology) student division. 

The purpose of ANST is to provide a platform for students in training to discuss training needs and share resources to assist in their professional development. Additionally, our East Carolina Interest Group was partly developed to increase visibility of Clinical Neuropsychology in the Eastern North Carolina region. 

In keeping with the spirit of ANST, this site will provide a forum for discussing the particular needs of those students in Eastern Carolina. As such, we will be hosting bi-weekly meetings consisting of a diverse array of activities aimed at professional exploration and development.

Check out the rest of the site for more information and relevant resources! 


Graduate Representatives:
    Eric Watson (on internship)
    Alexandra Stephenson
    Ansley Corson    

Undergraduate Representatives:
    Timothy Alder

Current & Past Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Members:
    Alicia Moran
    James Loveless
    Katie Lehockey
    Jonathan Highsmith
    Kelly Bickel 
    Katy Scott

Faculty Mentor:
    Dr. Erik Everhart