East Cambs NWA (6)

Forthcoming Events

The venue for our group meetings.
After almost 10 years of meeting in the Council Chamber of the District Offices our meetings throughout 2016 will be held in the Vernon Cross Room of Ely Museum. We are very grateful to the District Council for letting us have the use of such a grand setting for our meetings, but unfortunately in these austere times every-one must pay their way and we are not well placed to do this. We are therefore moving to another venue less that 100 yards away. Meeting dates are 14 April, 14 July and 13 October, all are Thursdays and the meetings start at 7.00 pm.

The main speaker at the meeting on 14 April will be Inspector Marcia Pringle (nee Nichols), and rather than cover the usual topics of locking your doors, closing windows, etc, etc she will be covering subjects such as how to spot the signs of vulnerability linking in with labour exploitation and Prevent - Prevent is an initiative to prevent the radicalisation of young people, not only in respect to the radical Muslim faction but also far right radicals.

The meeting will conclude with our AGM, which usually does not last more than 15 minutes.

Recent Events
Saturday December 12th 2015.  Coffee Morning in the Cathedral Centre Ely

Just a few of those that attended the coffee morning.

Thursday 8th October 2015 7 pm - Group Meeting, in the ECDC Council Chamber as usual
The guest speaker was be Karen See, Senior Environmental Health Officer at ECDC who gave us a talk on the various nuisance factors that affect neighbours and what can, or cannot, be done to resolve matters.
In addition PCSO Kat Deronal provided an update on criminal activity in the District, which fortunately is still a low crime area.

September 6th 2015 Ely Police Open Day

Fine weather brought many visitors to the 2015 Ely Police Open Day. 
Kevin Evans and  Sarah Martin gave advice and encouraged membership on the Neighbourhood Watch Stand

The AGM April 15th 2015

Election of Committee Members and Offices.

The Chairman Stan Geering  thanked these retiring committee members for all their past contributions:

Phil IngamellsRodney Vincent,  Martyn Lord.

The following committee members are willing to continue in their present roles:

Stan Geering - Chairman

Kevin Evans – Secretary

David Godsmark - County Representative

Karen Springthorpe - member

The following “new” coordinators are willing to stand and are nominated by the committee:

Sarah Martin - Treasurer

Caline Easey - member

Other members were invited to join the committee. There were no offers.

The above named members were all elected to stand in the same roles as listed

At the ordinary meeting held on the same evening a talk was given by Rebecca Avery, the Outreach Officer from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) Office on its role and funding.