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Fly Tipping of Rubbish -
A County and a National problem

"Be not like the slimy snails,

that where they go they leave their trails"

The unauthorised and illegal dumping of rubbish is a blot on the environment and a big problem for Local Authorities who have to clear up the mess. The cost falls indirectly on Council Tax payers. 

Dumping is not only carried out by householders too lazy to take their rubbish to the official Council dumps but is also done on a commercial scale by rogue traders who try to avoid Council charges for receiving trade waste. So when you have building or gardening work done by traders are you sure that they will act responsibly when disposing of your rubble or garden waste, or have they cut costs by going to some quiet spot and tipping the refuse when they think no one is looking?

 East Cambs District Council have an officer responsible for controlling fly tipping within the District (see below). Fly tipping is a very anti-social activity and includes domestic waste, trade waste and hazardous materials such as asbestos sheeting.  There are certain 'hot spots' which are favourite locations for those dumping material. It is difficult to catch the perpetrators in the act and he asks for NHW and the general public to be vigilant and report any instances.
October 2010.

Fly Tipping (From the Neighbourhood Panel Meeting held at Ely on 27th October 2010)

For problems associated with fly tipping contact Mark Mehaffey on 01353 665555.

Mark advised me that there have been a number of unfortunate court cases recently. A number of householders have been subject to the rigours of court procedures and been hit with hefty fines (they can be up to £5,000). What happens is that some gardeners or scrap dealers or similar jobbing workers visit to offer their services and also offer to clear 'junk' from your garden at a nominal cost. They then tip it on some waste ground. The council have ways of tracing certain items back to the owners, including the use of bar codes and serial numbers. Then the householder who is taken to court for not disposing waste responsibly.

By law it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their waste is disposed of correctly.

                                                               Fly tipping - a blot on the countryside

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