Eastbourne's bellringers are looking for new people to teach 

- whether you are 9 years old or 90!

 Discover why over 40,000 people in Britain alone practise this ancient and enjoyable art in over 5,000 church towers.

 Bellringing is a team activity that stimulates the brain, helps keep you fit and it also makes a glorious sound.
 Do you have to be mathematical, musical, church going or strong? No, none of them although some are.

Bellringing is well within the capabilities of most people.
Initial learning usually takes several weeks after which  you can begin to ring with the rest of the band. 
People normally practise once a week and learn to ring for Sundays.


Why learn to ring?                                        

Bellringing is a very social activity

You will help to keep a traditional skill alive

It is a great team activity

You will notice a general fitness benefit

Whilst having a gentle mental workout

You will be providing an ancient service to the church

You will be embarking on a lifelong learning experience

There are opportunities to visit amazing places and make friends around the world 

     Come and see

Not all church towers contain bells. Eastbourne has five towers with bells that are hung for ringing 

and neighbouring towns and villages have more. They will all make you very welcome. 

Where do I go in Eastbourne and when?

Beware - once you have the bug you'll find it hard to give up and there is always more to learn!

Bellringers can be any age and each tower has a child protection policy in line with that of its church and of:

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