What people are saying about us ...

"Oh! The girl doing tarot readings was awesome--I'll be damned if she wasn't prescient...and she was honest..." 

-Martin W., Yelp Elite Event Doubletree & Hornblower Prom Cruise

"Our guests commented on what fun it was to have you and they all seemed pleased with their readings. I did not hear of anyone who was disappointed." 

-Ruth M., Engagement Party at Foreign Cinema Restaurant

"Many thanks for the reading...I am moved by your generosity in taking time to really connect with my situation and create this reading. The reading has real meaning for me." 

-Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) client, online

 "I guess you could say I'm a skeptic...but one thing she said really stuck with me. It's provided  reassurance...and when I asked her what sort of financial impact the reading might have, she kindly told me that she cannot interpret readings that way. I wouldn't put it past other readers to just say something to make the customer happy...and I can't deny that one thing she mentioned really rang true with me..."

 -Yelp Review,  Donna P.,  Doubletree Hotel Event


Psychic Entertainment in Berkeley