East Asian Psycholinguistics: Recent developments, a satellite workshop to The 25thJapanese Korean Linguistics Conference, will take place on October 15, 2017 at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. The workshop intends to gather people working on various topics of psycholinguistics with reference to East Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The goal of the workshop is to highlight recent theoretical advances in language processing, and also to foster the scientific community working in these three languages.


The workshop will feature an invited talk on the topic of the L1-L2 processing (Dr. Ian Cunnings, University of Reading). There will be also a training session for the use of eye tracking methodology covering programming as well as data analysis (Dr. Marcus Johnson, SR Research).  


Invited speaker: Ian Cunnings (University of Reading, UK), 'Parsing and Working Memory in Native and Non-Native Sentence Processing'

Eye-tracking method training: Marcus Johnson (SR Research, Canada)


                        Yuki Hirose (University of Tokyo, Japan)

               Nayoung Kwon (Konkuk University, Korea)

Program committee
                        Shin Fukuda (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
                        Theres Grüter (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
                        Yuki Hirose (University of Tokyo)
                        Nayoung Kwon (Konkuk University)   
                        Charles Lin (Indiana University, Bloomington)
                        Amy Schafer (University of Hawaii, Manoa)

We also thank the following reviewers;
Franklin Chang, Wonil Choi, Ian Cunnings, Shin Fukuda, Theres Grüter,

If you have any question, please send us an email at EastAsianPsycholing@gmail.com