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Hsiu, Andrew. 2018. Preliminary classification of Mienic languages.

Classification (Hsiu 2018)
  1. Dzao Min
    1. West (Liannan, etc.)
    2. East (Mangshan, etc.)
  2. Greater Biao Min
    1. Biao Min (Dongshan)
    2. Biao Min (Guanyang)
    3. Moyou (Shikou)
    4. Moxi (Niuweizhai)
  3. Greater Biao Mon
    1. Biao Mon (Changping Mien)
    2. Biao Mwan (Luoxiang Mien) (?) [heavy influence from Kim Mun]
  4. Kim Mun
  5. Iu Mien
Notes: Changping Mien has been influenced by Mun lects due to geographical proximity, but has many forms that indicate it should belong in its own branch. Eastern Dzao Min (Mangshan) has some words that differ from those of Western Dzao Min, but many of these are loanwords from Hunan Mien.

SplitsTree lexical analysis
Taxa: 33
Lexical items: 27 (all of which were carefully selected as words that were diagnostic of Mienic subgrouping)

I consider Dongshan Biao Min, Guanyang Biao Min, Moyou, and Moxi to all be separate groups; their being grouped together in SplitsTree is due to contact and mutual influence.

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16 Dec 2018, 19:33
Andy H,
16 Dec 2018, 19:34