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  • The Yorkshire Terrier General AppearanceLong-coated, coat hanging quite straight and evenly down each side, a parting extending from nose to end of tail. Very compact and neat, carriage very upright conveying an important air. General outline conveying impression of vigorous and well proportioned body. Characteristics Alert, intelligent toy terrier. Temperament Spirited with even disposition. Head and Skull Rather small and flat, not too prominent or round in skull, nor too long in muzzle; black nose. Eyes Medium, dark, sparkling, with sharp intelligent expression and placed to look directly forward. Not prominent. Edge of eyelids dark. Ears Small, V-shaped, carried erect, not too far apart, covered with short hair, colour very deep, rich tan. Mouth Perfect, regular and complete scissor bite ...
    Posted 8 Jun 2015, 03:21 by Neeltje for EAKC
  • The Pug General Appearance: Decidedly square and cobby, it is ‘multum in parvo’ shown in compactness of form, well knit proportions and hardness of muscle, but never to appear low on legs, nor lean and leggy.Characteristics: Great charm, dignity and intelligence.Temperament: Even-tempered, happy and lively disposition.Head and Skull: Head relatively large and in proportion to body, round, not apple-headed, with no indentation of skull. Muzzle relatively short, blunt, square, not upfaced. Nose black, fairly large with well open nostrils. Wrinkles on forehead clearly defined without exaggeration. Eyes or nose never adversely affected or obscured by over nose wrinkle. Pinched nostrils and heavy over nose wrinkle is unacceptable and should be heavily penalised.Eyes: Dark, relatively large, round ...
    Posted 3 Jun 2015, 01:16 by Neeltje for EAKC
  • VIP 158th EAKC Championship Dog Show - Critique  The VIP 158th EAKC Championship Dog Show was a great success with over 200 dogs entered and a strict, but enthusiastic judge getting through all our entries just in time for the rain to start in the evenings. The Critique was diligently taken by Angi & Judy - A BIG THANK YOU to them!Please click here to download it, or if you can not, email me on digitalforeakc@gmail.com to request I send a copy to you. You can also read it on the EAKC Championship Dog Show tab.CorrectionClass 122 Graduate Bitch1st      Davis’ Ontulele Empress Eider Well proportioned, well constructed,  sound, no-nonsense bitch. Very attractive head and expression, strong neck, correct topline and tailset. Very ...
    Posted 28 May 2015, 03:18 by Neeltje for EAKC
  • Registered Puppies & Dogs The East Africa Kennel Club has now got a Facebook Group for registered puppies & Dogs where breeders can advertise their litters & stud dogs. Each post is vetted by the EAKC for validity & quality before being posted so the information in this group is vetted. Click here to visit the group - you will have to request to become a member of the group - membership is not limited to EAKC members.  The EAKC also has a facebook page, a Labrador Retriever Club of East Africa Page and a GSD League page where you will find relevant information & updates from your preferred club / breed. Don't forget to like our pages!
    Posted 29 Jan 2015, 03:49 by Neeltje for EAKC
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