• A Thank You from our Judge  After the show, which went very well, Espen Engh sent us the following note: "I would like to thank you and the committee of the EAKC so much for a very memorable time in Kenya. I felt so very welcome, the hospitality was second to none and I would recommend to anybody to go to Kenya to judge dogs."
    Posted 22 May 2015, 02:39 by Digi Foreakc
  • EAKC MAY SHOW ENTRIES CLOSING We hope you have your entries in!!!This year May 15 & 16th will find the East Africa Kennel Club holding it's 158th Championship Dog Show. The judge for this show is Espen Engh. To read more about him please click here. We have created a facebook "events" page where we are be posting schedules, entry forms, information and updates. Its never to late or early to start training and grooming your dog into show shape! Trainings are held every Wednesday morning by the Labrador Retriever Club. If your dog is really not getting into show behaviour you can always call the office (0734 650213) and ask Sue for advice or names of trainers!
    Posted 28 Apr 2015, 11:16 by Digi Foreakc
  • LRCEA - AGM 10th May 2015 The Labrador Retriever Club Of East Africa 66th Annual General Meeting Sunday 10th May 2015 Notice is hereby given that the 66th Annual General Meeting of the Labrador Retriever Club of East Africa, will be held on Sunday 10th of May at 11.15 a.m. for 11.30 a.m. at the home of Mrs. B. Davis’ house No. 35, Munderendu Road, Langata. Sarah Miller (Hon Secretary) 10th April 2015 Any member wishing to move any special resolution at the meeting should give notice of such resolution in writing to the Hon. Secretary, labradorclubofeastafrica@gmail.com not later than 1st of May 2015. 1. Only paid up members and life members are entitled to vote at an Annual General ...
    Posted 16 Apr 2015, 01:34 by Neeltje Rosenstok-Sherwin
  • AGM NOTICE THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGOF THE EAST  AFRICA KENNEL CLUBWILL BE HELD ONSUNDAY 26TH APRIL, 2015 AT 11.30 A.M. FOR 12.00 P.M.AT THEE.A KENNEL CLUB SHOWGROUND,JAMHURI PARK, NAIROBIPLEASE NOTE:Vacancies:1 Chairman for 2 years                                  1 Deputy Chairman for 2 years1 Trustee4 Council Members for 2 years5 Disciplinary Panel Members for 1 year Nominations for:        Chairman (2 years)                             Deputy Chairman (2 years)TrusteeCouncil Members (2 years)Disciplinary Panel (1 year) must be with the Executive Officer by 2.30 p.m. on Friday 10th April, 2015                                   NOMINATION FORMS WILL BE ISSUED ON REQUEST           Any VOTING MEMBER desiring to move any Resolution at the Annual General ...
    Posted 30 Mar 2015, 04:11 by Digi Foreakc
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To find out where the EAKC is located click here.

Microchip Database
The EAKC has a database of all microchipped dogs (or cats, or any pet really) in Kenya, to read more please click here. This is a great tool for the identification of lost or stolen dogs!

The EAKC has made the microchipping of pedigree breeding dogs compulsory.

To register your microchipped pet with us please click here or come collect the forms from the EAKC office.

We are on Facebook too!
 East Africa Kennel Club
 Labrador Retriever Club of East Africa
 The East Africa German Shepherd League

Click here to have a look at our photo gallery!

Don't cook your pet!
If your pet comes with you in the car, please be aware that day time temperatures of 24 degrees celcius can easily turn a parked car in to a convection oven for a pet!
Sometimes leaving windows open is simply not enough! If you HAVE TO, leave your pet in the car, make sure they have access to water (or bring them water regularly) 
Don't cook your dog!!
take them out, any chance you have and keep the windows OPEN (not cracked a little). 
Please download our car badge(above) and stick it to your car window help us raise awareness on this issue! click on the yellow & black image above if you wish to print it, and display it in your car! (it looks really nice laminated!)

Did you know our Police force has a very nice dog unit? Their dogs have been entering the dog shows recently. Have a look on their website!

Dog Food Advice
With so many choices on the market these days it's hard to make an informed decision on what to feed your dog.
Here is a helpful site:

The Kennel Club sells a wide range of excellent dog and cat foods at very competitive prices. Come to the office at the EAKC Show ground and start saving!!

Recent Articles by our Trainers

  • Taking better pictures of your dog With the capabilities offered by digital photography (digital cameras, point and shoot cameras, tablets, mobile phones) possibilities to take pictures, especially pet pictures, is constantly increasing and many social network ...
    Posted 25 Jan 2015, 23:54 by Digi Foreakc
  • The AWAL Rabies Clinic On the holiday Friday the 9th, I had the privilege to volunteer alongside the Africa Network for Animal Welfare people in Kangemi. We were supposed tobe at the Village ...
    Posted 15 Apr 2014, 07:38 by EA KennelClub
  • Can we help Jacky Chan Stop the trade in rhino horn?  Click on this story to watch Jacky Chan's video. Share it wherever you can!)
    Posted 11 Mar 2014, 07:45 by Digi Foreakc
  • HISTORY OF THE DOG Dogs are believed to have evolved from the gray wolf (Canis Lupus), the largest member of the canine family. Scientific technology has confirmed what has been long suspected: dogs descend ...
    Posted 17 Sep 2012, 01:45 by Digi Foreakc
  • Bad advice, the "alpha roll". I have a client who had an 18 week old Rottweiler puppy, and also has three children under 8 years old. When they were looking for a dog, I tried ...
    Posted 10 Sep 2012, 03:57 by Digi Foreakc
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Join the Labrador Club of Kenya!
the LRCEA welcomes dogs of all colours, sizes and makes (even three legged!) are welcome!
Members enjoy free dog training sessions every Wednesday morning from 10 to 11 under supervision of experienced trainers. Your dog will learn basic obedience and socialization. You can also choose to practice agility and retrieving, as well as interact with other dog owners, and breeders.
Wednesday mornings are a great chance to learn about dog behavior and care. You can gain free advice on any issues you may have and it's great fun too!! 
Membership fees are only 1,500/- (KSH) per year with a one time fee of 2,500/- to join. 
(Charges are liable to change without notice.)

We have set up a digital newsletter to keep you up to date on news and exciting events. If you wish to receive this newsletter, please subscribe below by filling in your email address and clicking "subscribe". 
You can unsubscribe at any time if we start to bore you.
We hope you will enjoy it!

The Kenya Vet Board making changes. For the better.

I have written columns about the quacks operating with impunity here in Kenya. Stories about so called vets arriving on motorbikes with a briefcase of loaded syringes with "vaccines" not refrigerated or labeled, guys that broker puppy and dog sales scribbling a signature on a generic vet card after buying drugs in town and doing their own vaccinations in the wrong order, leaving their puppies/dogs at risk for disease. ( I also have heard of and seen the vaccination cards provided  by the puppy sellers near Westgate with no clinic name and no vet stamp, I suspect these puppies have had NONE of the vaccinations, even if the stickers are there, it's easy to pick through the trash from a vets and take the vaccine stickers) One dog trainer told me he spayed a client's dog in the yard with a diagram from the internet!  There was even a case of a vet leaving his shamba boy to mix the flea & tick dip product and dipping 7 dogs belonging to the same family. The gardener either used the wrong product or mixed it incorrectly, resulting in the death of SEVEN dogs. Vet Labs in Kabete did a postmortem and found the dogs died of organic phosphate poisoning, the active ingredient in the dip.

The Kenya Vet Board has now really started to crack down and it's beyond time! 
They have a great updated website  www.KenyaVetBoard.org where you can check to see if your vet is properly registered. You can find a vet on the website. You may also report a complaint! 

The Vet Board has pulled some licenses this year of vets that were non compliant in some way. People that are representing themselves as vets but are not vets or not currently registered with the vet board are feeling the heat as well! The Vet  Board has also embarked on inspecting the vet's offices and surgeries. There are lists of minimal standards and protocols that must be adhered to; be it equipment, cleanliness or storage of drugs. For example, refrigerated vaccines must be in a separate refrigerator. It's no longer acceptable to store rabies vaccines next to the employees lunch!  They don't allow expired drugs to remain on the shelves, they are checking that vets in each clinic have current licenses. Mobile vets (that operate out of their car and not in their own clinic) are required to register and pay a fee for each area where they intend to operate. One of the biggest positive changes in my opinion is the requirement of an internship. It used to be that a newly graduated Vet could just go out and make house calls, or set up a practice on their own with no supervision or oversight. Now they have to do an internship under a licensed vet for one year. I really don't want a new human Doctor or Vet to be able to diagnose, operate or prescribe medicines with out plenty of practice and experience. I want them to have a back up for cases that need a second opinion or may require a more delicate or innovative surgery. 

The vets are now supposed to have a stamp that they use next to their signature when they sign a vaccination card or health permit or such official documents. The stamp will have their name, and professional designation; BVM,  M.sc, MRCVS. The numbers are issued in numerical order, so a vet that is over 50 years old will likely have a 3 digit KVB number and a vet that is 30 years old will likely have a 4 digit number as a rule of thumb. You can also check the KVB website to see the vets name and KVB numbers and the year they graduated. 

Another exciting new change is CPD or Continuing Professional Development. This is also past due in my opinion. Vets like any other professional that graduate then never continue to read, study or attend clinics and seminars does not stay current! Whether you are a vet, a computer technician, an architect or a dog trainer you need to read and study as the world comes up with new information and ideas all the time. Computers make it easier to read current online articles and professional journals. While some vets strive to learn and acquire new knowledge, most don't! The new CPD states that veterinary surgeons and veterinary para-professionals must continue their professional education by attending lectures, seminars and clinics that are assigned a point value. Vets must acquire 20 points in a year and the veterinary para-professionals must reach 14 points per years or they will not be retained in the register. 

I wish the Kenya Vet Board great success in their new endeavor, as it will improve the vet care available in this country for our pets and animals!

Amy L. Rapp
Companion Dog Trainer
Canine Education, Welfare and Rehoming
0733 255 406