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What is Easierbuntu?

Easierbuntu is a blog that aims to make it easier for Linux newbies to learn to use Ubuntu, as well as Ubuntu derivatives such as Kubuntu or Xubuntu, and Ubuntu-based distributions such as Linux Mint.

Through regular posts on the kind of issues newbies may face when they first start using Ubuntu, I'm hoping that I'll be able to help people enjoy their experience with Ubuntu more, stop them from getting so frustrated with it that they go back to another operating system, and educate people about how to get the best out of it.

I'll explain in detail what's going on at every step, so you shouldn't feel like you're just following my instructions! I'm hoping that people will be able to learn about their new operating system, rather than just do things by rote. 

What Easierbuntu isn't

Easierbuntu is not intended to answer specific questions about problems people are having. The Ubuntu Forums are excellent at this, so  I won't be covering that kind of thing. If you have a particular problem and you need help with it, the Ubuntu Forums are the place to go - that's why I've added links on the main blog. The Rollyo search box also has a "Help with Ubuntu" setting, which includes a number of sources, including the Ubuntu Forums, so give that a try.

Who are you?

My name's Matthew Daly. I've been using various Linux distributions on and off since February 2007, and have used Kubuntu as my main operating system since Feisty Fawn was released in April 2007. I'm a strong advocate of Linux in general, and the Ubuntu family of distributions in particular.

I have a personal blog as well, called Far Beyond the Edge of Reason. Feel free to check it out! I'm also something of a net junkie - I'm particularly active on Digg, and Far Beyond the Edge of Reason has links to my various profiles.

I'm currently studying web design in my spare time with a view to changing career.

Why are you doing this? Surely there are loads of other resources for newbies?

You'd be surprised how difficult it is to get hold of simple how-to's for newbies! I struggled to find answers to questions I now have no problem with, such as how to install MP3 and DVD support. Now I know how to sort out these problems, and I wanted to be able to share this with others so as to make their experience with Ubuntu easier and more enjoyable.

The Ubuntu Forums are a great resource, but I struggled to find how-to guides for many of the problems I had. Easierbuntu provides simple, straightforward walk-throughs for the kind of things that people expect to be able to do on any OS, such as play music, watch DVD's, surf the Internet etc. Many of these things are easier to find in books at present, but not everyone can afford to buy big textbooks about their new operating system.

I've also provided links and a search engine to help people find the help they need elsewhere.

This is great, how can I help?

First of all, thanks for your support! If you like this blog, then here's how you can help:

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  • If you really like a particular post, please feel free to Digg it (or, for that matter, use any other similar social news service)
  • Tell people about it

If you would like to do more than this, I would welcome additional contributors. If you're interested, please contact me using the form on the left.

 Please also feel free to submit comments about the blog in general, what's good, what's bad, any suggestions etc. But if your comment relates to a specific post, please use the comments facility in the blog. Also I'd be grateful if you could try to keep it polite and constructive.

What's your privacy policy? If I provide my email address via the form I want to be sure I won't get spam from you!

Don't worry! I promise, I will not send you spam! I've got no financial interest in this at all, I'm doing this because I want to help people.