University and Career Guidance                          


Find out what you are good at and what careers might be good for you.  Learn about different careers and where you might want to study.

Created by the people who make the SAT, this website will help you find a university that meets your needs and walk you through the process of learning more about it and applying.

This organization has been studying colleges and universities for years to find out which are the best; they also tell you which ones are the best fit for certain careers.  Follow links on this site to learn about global universities as well.

Interested in studying in America? The American Councils for International Education provide unique opportunites for Azerbaijani citizens.

The Common App - Many universities in America will only require you to fill out this one application.  The website also contains links to help you figure out how to pay for and how to apply to universities in the US.

Jeff Penn,
Apr 26, 2015, 9:42 PM