Sausan and the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance
 Once a secretary to several companies including the State of California and
United States governments as well as the United States Postal Service, Sausan gave up the security of her daytime job and jumped with both feet into a profession that is usually harbored by its ethnicity - specifically, the Egyptian culture. Her life turned in an altogether different direction when she acquired a lease and a restaurant in 1995 and opened Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant in 1999.
Already a well-known and proficient dancer in the Egyptian belly dance arts since the early 1970s, Sausan then opened her dance academy in 2000 and named it the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance. With more than 25 years of dance under her belly dance belt at that time, and having danced all over the world including all of Europe, parts of Asia, the Mediterranean, the USA, Iceland and Antarctica, Sausan not only operated her dance academy but was also the Executive Chef of Al-Masri with rave review in both ventures.
Graduates of the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance have performed in various prestigious events including the Ethnic Dance Festival, the Eternal Egyptian Exhibit in 2001, the Natural World Museum Open Gala Celebration in 2004, and the Grand Opening of the deYoung Museum in 2005.  Other venues include performances at Stanford University and the Legion of Honor.  Most recently, graduates of the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance performed at the Grand Opening to the King Tut Exhibit.
Passionate about Egypt and the culture, dance, and cuisine, Sausan invites local musicians as well as local and out-of-town dancers to perform at Al-Masri. In fact, only the graduates of the Sausan Academy of Egyptian dance at Al-Masri as a forum to achieving perfection in the Egyptian culture.
Sausan hosts Graduate Recital Nights every three months at Al-Masri so that her newest graduates can perform for the public.  She has also recently formed a dance company called The Sausan Ensemble:  An Egyptian Dance Company, and is scheduling future full stage performances.
Fayruz (right):  A web designer by profession and second generation Polish, Fayruz performs at Al-Masri on Thursdays and Fridays and is a graduate of the Sausan Academy and a member of The Sausan Ensemble.
Valentina (below):  First generation Russian and a computer technician by trade, Valentina performs at Al-Masri on Saturdays and Sundays and is a graduate of the Sausan Academy and a member of the Sausan Ensemble.
Sausan has developed her own unique method for teaching the Egyptian style of belly dance, which she has called the Sausan Method which utilizes what she has coined as the Egyptian Dance Code®, a method that takes the dance through four semesters of study resulting in a graduate student of the dance.  Sausan’s classes are currently conducted inside Al-Masri, the perfect venue for learning the dance.
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