An Animated English Grammar Guide

No & Not!
Video by Monique WONG and Michael HO and Kenneth CHOW
Grammar Errors: BOTH
Video by John CHAN and Steven TAN

Lay vs Lie
Video by Leung Ching Yiu Crystal and Yelim Song
Question Tags
Video by Mona Yip Yan Yu and Jamie Wong Choi Yan
The Troublesome 'To'
Video by Chan Ho Yuen and Ko Yan Long Phoebe
Redundant Conjunctions
Video by Lam Ying Ching,Olivia and Ng Yan Man
Wrong use of words.
Video by Canace Mok Kwan Yee and Brian Chau Kai Ho
Gerund vs Infinitive
Video by Victor Ng Chun Hei and Victor Yuen Wa Tak
Topic: --ly.
Video by Eunice Wong wai Yu and Mandy Au Ho Yee
-ing vs. -ed

Sean McMinn's (Section 1) video:
Take care
Video by Wong Ka Kei Ricky and Chiu Kar Ho Tony:
 Thank you Sean, thank you everyone.
This is by Paddy Cheung and Terence Ma, enjoy!
Video by John Chung and Alex Tong
"few" & "a few"
Video by Jenny Chan and Jacqueline So
Hard VS Hardly
Video by Judy Chung and Tammy Chan