Earth Turtle Remint

Version 2



Reservations are CLOSED.


UPDATE: 7/15/08: Turtles have shipped from the mint to me. When they arrive, I will look them over and if they all look good, I will start invoicing this weekend.


Total Mint Numbers for the V2's:

288 Green w/ a.silver metal

349 Blue w/ a.silver metal

313 Blue w/ gold metal

*** The options are available for ordering ***



Antique Silver Metal - Green




Antique Silver Metal- Blue




Gold Metal- Blue






These are reservations, you will NOT pay for your order until I receive the turtles and send you an invoice. I expect these to take about 3 weeks to be minted after the time the order is submitted, please keep this in mind when you place your reservation.

By placing a reservation you are agreeing to terms of this sale.

1. You agree to pay for your order within 3 days after I send you your invoice.

2. Failure to pay will result in future orders for any other tsunrisebey designed coin being cancelled or declined.

3. Please do not order beyond your capacity to pay.

4. I have the right to cancel or decline any reservations that I am not comfortable taking for any reason.


PRICE: $10.00 per turtle

SHIPPING US and Canada: $2.00 first turtle, .50 each additional.

SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL: $3.00, .75 each additional turtle.

(International Customers: These turtles are heavy and the cost of shipping overseas is expensive. I had to pay out of pocket for most of the packages on the original orders).



(Thank you! tsun)