Sound Sculptures

The Vision:

While preparing for a Wilderness concert with the wonderful vocal ensemble that performed the choral music I had written after a trip to Alaska in the mid 1990’s, I saw a vision of half a dozen people forming sacred geometric shapes with their bodies and toning and moving energy in a very profound way.  I “heard” the term “Sound Sculpture” in my mind.  

The vision felt very important. and soon I felt called to the American Southwest where I travelled all over, meeting various sound healers and energy workers, asking everyone if they knew what a Sound Sculpture was.  No one had heard of the term “Sound Sculpture,” but everywhere I went people spoke about sacred geometry, sacred geometry. sacred geometry.  When I shared this with my mother, she handed me a book she owned about exploring sacred geometry.  The book suggested the best way to learn about sacred geometry was to draw the figures.  Returning to Washington state,  I began to draw simple geometric shapes combining them in different ways and very quickly realized that I was not to do this with my mind, but was to draw them as I was intuitively guided.  The process took off and had a life of its own. 

I also felt strongly impelled to stop directing both of the choral groups I was involved with and began to work with small groups of people, creating situations where we could make vocal sounds in an experimental way and explore their effects upon our health an well-being.

Much personal growth for all of us came out of this exploration and we discovered various processes for using sound making to shift ones energy by releasing unwanted energies and invoking and amplifying desired energies.

This eventually led to the formation of an improvisational choral group, where we able - in a performance setting - to take various images and emotions suggested by the audience and turn them into choral pieces that were able to express various energies and/or transform them.

In 1999 I had a session with “Our Friends,’’ channelled by Stephanie Nead, who explained the importance of this kind of group sound work combined with the sacred geometric shapes.  Click here to read the transcript of that1999 session With Our Friends.  More information came during a second session in 2003.

Originally I worked with groups of people, creating the shapes (as I had seen in the vision) with our bodies.  Later on I often found myself alone and out in nature and so I would draw the geometric figures in the sand or create them with stones or crystals. 

Here is a description of the Sound Sculpture Meditation Practice:

Sound Sculptures
A Multi-dimensional Meditation and Co-creational Practice 

copyright 2015 Leslie Lightfall 


The purpose of creating a Sound Sculpture is to align our human energetic systems with the healthy energies of the Earth’s core and crystalline matrix system, while blessing and nourishing the Earth with our loving human energy. 

While it is most powerful to create Sound Sculptures in sacred places at Solstices and Equinoxes, as the Earth is most open to communion at those times, sound sculptures can be created at any time, anywhere as a multi-dimensional meditation practice. 

Brief Description of the Process 

All participating attune to the entire Web of Life in a given location, and then from within a space of deep heart connection, call for insight and inspiration. 

Using our intuition, we open and ask to be shown a vision of a sacred geometric shape that will act as a portal for the kind of energy that is most needed by those humans, by that particular piece of land and the surrounding countryside, at that particular time. We then manifest the shape, which can be done by using our human bodies to create the shape, or by drawing it in sand or dirt, or by arranging rocks, stones or crystals to create the shape.  Once the geometry is defined, the portal is activated with vocal sounds, body movements, imagination and clear intention. 

Each combination of a sacred geometric shape, sound and movement creates a different portal, an access point for bringing through a particular kind of very pure, high vibrational energy that assists us humans in coming into alignment, balance and harmony with the Earth and with Source energies. 

It is a wonderful way to honor the sacredness of the Earth and to gift loving human energy to Gaia. It is also a powerful way to open to the wisdom of the Ancient Ones and Ancestor spirits who are most willing to help those of us who are dedicated to honoring the Earth and harmonizing with her ascending frequencies and vibrational energies when invited. 

Co-creative Process and Empowerment 

The Sound Sculpture creation process is extremely valuable for the members of communities and groups to all experience together because it allows them to meet in a deeper non-linear way and provides a highly empowering model for co-creating as a community. 

Each person must learn to "soften" and support each other person in manifesting their vision. In turn, each person steps forward to lead the creation of manifestation of their own vision in a way that honors its integrity, and yet they, too, must soften to allow the "seed" idea to be developed and evolved by the input of the other group members. 

Each person’s unique contribution is valued, and is honored and included as a necessary piece in the construction of the whole sound sculpture. Participating in the process of creating a sound sculpture greatly strengthens a group's ability to multi-dimensionally co- create anything they wish to create as a community most effectively, by providing an experiential model for a co-creational process that honors and makes use of each individual's particular point of view, resources, gifts, abilities and talents. 

Possible Workshops 

Each and every sound sculpture workshop and process I’ve ever facilitated has been a totally unique and unpredictable experience as it is an organic process that arises in the moment out of the interaction of humans with the Earth and her forces and creatures and the multi-dimensional forces and beings whom we invoke to co-create with us and through us. 

Sound Sculpture Basics - This 2 hr. workshop can be done indoors in a large open room or outdoors on level ground. It provides an introduction to the co-creative process of activating sound sculptures. We experience each of the steps involved in preparing ourselves energetically to participate fully in a sound sculpture. Then we explore intuitively, experimenting with various sacred geometric shapes, sounds, movements, building a repertoire of possibilities by learning different ways of perceiving, manifesting, and transducing energies. Experimenting in this way allows us to refine our sensitivities and increase our ability to perceive subtle energies that flow through us during the Sound Sculpture process. 

Building Multi-dimensional Sacred Community - Exploration of ways to use nature’s vibrational language of sounding, sacred geometry, color and movement to more deeply experience our connection to the Earth, the Cosmos and each other, deepening our connection to all the other multi-dimensional lifeforms who interact with our community. 

These workshops are individually designed to best meet each community’s specific needs. Pre-requisite: Sound Sculpture Basics. 

Sound Sculptures, Alive! - This workshop involves creating sound sculptures in nature, out on the land, actively interacting with the Earth and all the multidimensional energies present in that location, celebrating the sacredness of the Earth, nourishing her with loving human energy. We focus on opening the portals of the energies most needed by the place, the people and All That Is at that particular moment in that particular location. Allow 2-4 hours as the length of time needed for process depends upon what is needed by those participating and by the land in each specific situation. Pre-requisite: Sound Sculpture Basics.