EarthSong Energy Work

1)  Onsite Residential Activation/Harmonization Processes - working both with the land and the individuals and communities who are stewarding the land, sacred site or vibrational garden.

What I have to offer and how I work:
My EarthSong energy work has taken me around the world, singing to the land, connecting with the Ancient One and Ancestor Spirits, celestial beings, the Earth and elemental energies, staying with indigenous people who live simply and close to the earth.  I have a multi-dimensional “team” who work with me and guide me in doing the sound work, bringing in the needed high frequency energies by singing the appropriate sound codes, igniting, activating and amplifying the true essence of all life forms and elemental energies.  

At each of the sacred sites where I have spent time, I have “cross-pollinated” with the energetics present multi-dimensionally and have become a sort of library that exchanges this stored energetic information with the land at each place where I am called to do the EarthSong work through my singing and sounding.  This work feeds energy to the Earth and strengthens the ley lines that move life-giving energy around the planet.

My role in working with people and their vibrational gardens is:
To help people understand what vibrational gardens are, how they function, their purpose, their benefits to humans and expanded Web of Life - multi-dimensional life, how they are accessed, protocols for communion, basic foundational guidelines for communing and interacting and co-creating multi-dimensionally.  

To use my energy to enhance human interaction with celestial, elemental and ancestral energies, entities, spirits for well-being of All That Is, creating  greater harmony, balance, expansion, deep-hearted connectedness of all who meet and dance together.  Together we all energize the vibrational garden, strengthening it, activating it, acknowledging and appreciating it and all its component energies and entities.

To use my energy to help clear blockages to the vibrational garden’s optimum functioning, and to align, balance and harmonize whatever as gotten off kilter or has become misaligned.

To appreciate, acknowledge and support local human earth stewards/guardians of these sacred spaces.  Cross-pollinate with them.

To show people how vibrational gardens can be used to feed energy to Gaia through the creation of Sound Sculpture and ceremonies.

Academically, I hold a M.A. in Consciousness Studies/Expressive Arts from JFKU (1989), a teaching credential, and am trained in transpersonal counseling.  

The most important training for this sound work, however, has come from Gaia herself while spending years living alone out in wild places in nature in New Zealand, listening to Earth and communing with the Ancient Ones and other multi-dimensional beings and energies who now walk with me and sing through me.

Most of my time while working must be spent in solitude and stillness, listening to the Earth’s song and transducing energies.  There are immense waves of energy which are entering the planet periodically that I can feel and must respond to immediately.   These have a profound effect upon my physical body, and energy bodies, which is why I seldom drive anymore.  Sometimes the incoming energies are so intense I must lay down and be totally still to receive them.  This is a role I was born to play and my body/energy fields are uniquely designed and equipped to be of this service.  

The energy exchanges I have had at each of the sacred sites I have visited during my lifetime have required stillness and recalibration of my body/energy fields to absorb the additional energetic information that is stored at each site and that which I then download into each subsequent site that I visit.  So at this point I have a great deal to offer by simply being present on any particular land mass, with my dragons and other members of my multi-dimensional “team” doing most of the work.

2)  Creational Sound Sessions for Individuals and Groups:
I am now also doing private sessions with individuals, opening to allow their own multi-dimensional “teams” to sing through me to them.  This creational singing allows each person to attain a greater, stronger “merge” with multi-dimensional aspects of their Expanded Selves.  In other cases, a person may already carry a template of possibility of a new/old/ancient ability or skill within them that has been dormant and is activated when the appropriate frequency or sound code is sung.  

During my travels, while singing to the land and beings of each sacred place I am called to, my voice and energy field has been re-calibrated and augmented in each location, so that I am now like a walking library of earth-stored vibrational frequencies that can be drawn upon by the multi-dimensional beings who walk with and guide the person I am singing to, in order to activate or ignite the human’s dormant abilities.

In the longer sessions there is time to work with people to explore the ways they can use their own vocal sounds to further awaken and activate new possibilities within themselves.

This is very exciting! Recently I have had the opportunity to sing to pregnant moms, newborns and their families.  It is an honor to connect and commune with these incredible old souls who arrive carrying the new energies so profoundly.

Appropriate exchange is $120 for a short 15/20 min. session and $210 for a longer 45/60 min. session.

I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in blessing your land by igniting higher frequency energies in both the land and yourSelf as we birth the New Earth together.

Leslie Lightfall

To request my services:
Email is the best way to contact me initially.  If you are interested in hosting me to do EarthSong energy work on your land,  please send an email stating your written request of need/desire for your land and outline what you can offer in compensation for my time, attention, energy, skills, presence and work on the land’s behalf and on your behalf.

Describe the important events that you know about that have occurred to or upon the land.

Do you want me focus primarily with the energies of the land or do you want me to work with the human community that lives upon/stewards the land as well?

If a community, describe your community, it’s members, and its higher purpose or mission statement.

Appropriate energetic exchange for onsite work:
These are guidelines for what you need to provide for onsite work - my requirements and preferences that help me to maintain an optimum state of well-being, so that I can do my very best work on your behalf and on the behalf of Gaia.

A living space and my food must be provided in exchange for my singing/sound work with the land for the time it takes (which may be anywhere from 5 days to a month).  For any sound sessions with individuals and groups/communities of people appropriate financial compensation is required as well, ranging  from $120 - 500/session depending on length and intensity of focus.

The living space needs to be a separate, secure, private space out of the main flow of all human activity.   Both visual privacy and sound privacy are important.  Screened cottages, tents and yurts are great.  

Food: organic, primarily vegetarian, unprocessed as much as possible.  (I must avoid sugar, salt, wheat and white flour, dairy, preservatives, chemicals, etc.)  Rice and ancient grains work well.  Soy ok, occasional fish ok.  Lemons/limes, mesclun salad greens, and cooked greens very important.  Potatoes, tomatoes, avocados, most veggies, organic free range eggs, apple bananas most welcome.  Limited amount of other fruit.  

You may provide prepared meals, or provide a clean place for me to cook plus the food and/or $15-20/day for food and provide access to purchase it.

Pure water, clean air, immediate access to nature are very important.  I work primarily in pristine spots with people who are stewarding sacred land in more natural, open spaces, rather than in busy town or city environments.