Owners - that's us - Kris & Nicole 
(thanks for the photo Selkirk Journal)

Project Manager

Nicole Bennett - future Earthship owner

Hey, I'm a Project Manager by trade so why not use some of my skills for our biggest life project yet? My husband Kris and I are building the Earthship as our primary residence. We also want to pave the way for others in Manitoba to do this type of build with a plan to follow. We'll spend our time documenting our steps, making relationships with suppliers, and generating a team that could contribute to future builds.

Construction Manager/Coordinator
Kris Plantz - future Earthship owner
We don't know what to call Kris's role but it sure can't be Project Manager since his wife has this title (although he's doing all the leg work!) Kris will be coordinating all the subject matter experts, trades, and volunteer labor on this Earthship build. Plus he's pretty much doing it all - gathering all the quotes, contacting all the trades, and dealing with all the details of the plans. He's becoming a general expert on Earthships overall. Plus, he'll live in this one with the Nicole.

Earthshippers - Core Volunteer Crew
Stevie Wieler & Scot Davidson
Stevie is from Red Deer and Scottie is from Calgary (guys suntanning in the middle of the crew at the creek). It's kind of funny that two Alberta boys that didn't know each other turned up here in 2012to help us build our home and learn from our mistakes before they build their own! And now they are back in 2013 (since May!). Without these two I'm sure we would be months and months behind where we are now. If you ever need any advice on Earthships they have both spent time at Earthship Biotecture in Taos and have been part of our build since the tires were just being pounded. 

Earthshipper -  Build Expert
Bill Zenert - future Earthship owner
Who's Bill? Who's Bill!? Why he's THE Earthship guy in Manitoba. In 2012 he worked on two major Earthship builds with the Earthship Biotecture crew (Wyoming & BC) plus he attended the Earthship Academy led up by Michael Reynolds for eight weeks at the headquarters in Taos, New Mexico. Bill has got the goods and he's got the passion. He brings it all to this project. Everything we learn on this build will get applied to his own build in the very near future.

Earthship Cafeteria Coordinator

Alana Zenert - future Earthship owner
Alana has offered her much esteemed skills in the kitchen to fill what could be the most essential role on the entire project - feeding the tire pounding army! That's right, a hard day's work requires a full tummy. Tire pounders will be paid in sandwiches, cookies and beer all home-made (except the beer).

Oh, and in her spare time during the build she will be hands in all aspects (secretly she plans on showing Bill up - there is a pending tire pounding war).

Solar Engineers

Lindsay & Blair Robinson - aka "the twins"

Lindsay (right) and Blair (left) are some pretty amazing twins - they are both engineers and both really into the solar systems. So as of today they are officially known as the Solar Engineers.

Journeyman Plumber

Garth Tohms

Is it luck or fate to find expertise like this who also have a passion for Earthships?

Garth Tohms (AKA Garth the Plumber) is a Journeyman Plumber who has many years’ experience in the field. Garth will fill the role of Plumber for supply and install on the project.

Like Keith, Garth has a deep interest in the project and willingness to be involved in multiple aspects.