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Waiting on our building permit

posted Jun 23, 2012, 7:54 PM by Nicole Bennett
The past three months have been a huge success for getting what we need and the approvals to move forward. From getting land to getting engineer stamps everything has gone much better than we could have every expected. And the support and encouragement from people in Manitoba and beyond has been overwhelming.

Home insurance?
Check - thank you to The Cooperators in Selkirk for going to bat for us. Financing? Check - Sunova Credit Union ( is amazing - they don't just have green buildings they've gone green minded. And CMHC was fine with insuring the home. Engineer Stamps? Check - both our Geotechnical and Structural (Bill Hanuschak, engineers have sealed the papers.

The last big hurdle? Building permit of course. Kris started meeting with Selkirk Building & Planning back in January. They were so open minded about the plans and even provided a letter to the bank letting them know we could build this type of home in the area. Now it's just a matter of time as they are backed up in their office. On a good note we know our paperwork made it to the top of the pile! It's been three weeks and we have our fingers crossed that week four is a charm.

We cannot wait to announce that the build is officially started. Stay tuned for more.

Nicole & Kris