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November 2012 Update

posted Nov 18, 2012, 4:08 PM by Nicole Bennett
Well it's been a long and somewhat tedious fall for us.  Since our Alberta boys (Stevie and Scott) left us a few weeks ago progress had been slow until we hired CJ Fiola Renovations to finish our roofing and exterior windows for us.  We should be fully closed up by the middle of December (which means I can finally sleep at nights).  The roof is ready for the metal roofing and the windows should be installed by the end of the week (Nov 25th).  Oakwood Roofing is installing the standing seam metal roof and all the flashings for us in about 2 weeks time.  After that, we will be working weekends (if the interior temperature stays above zero) for most of the winter and I (Kris) will be unfortunately going back to work to make some money instead of spend it.  As of right now, we are projected to spend approx. $220,000 on our build minus plans and permits.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us out during our building season!!!  We will be finishing all the interior work next spring/summer and hope to have it move in ready by July (and could always use as much help along the way!).