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Costs to date - Phase 1

posted Aug 4, 2012, 11:20 AM by Nicole Bennett
Everyone (ourselves included) is interested in how much things cost. Since we are being financed for this build (thanks to Sunova Credit Union) we are keeping close track of the costs. I've promised a number of times to share these. So we are posting our actual costs to date and will continue to update them monthly (or so). 

The costs so far add up to about $36,000 - inclusive of Phase 1 which comprises permits, the tire walls, thermal wrap, and cooling tubes. We have very few costs remaining so the following represents close to 75-85% of our costs for the phase. After the completion of this phase we will be able to do our first of four planned mortgage draws. 

Phase 1  Cost          Comment Category
Lot Grade Permit  $2,500.00      $1500 refundable at end Plans & Permits
Building Permit  $956.00   Plans & Permits
Plumbing Permit  $160.00   Plans & Permits
Structural Engineer  $600.00   Plans & Permits
Earthship Plan  $9,000.00    Cannot charge to mortgage Plans & Permits
Tire Run Costs (travel/van)  $480.00    Van rental/ gas Tire Walls
Tools (Shovels,Sledge, Knifes, Tape, etc.)  $619.00   Tire Walls
Concrete  $161.19   Tire Walls
Laser Level  $1,114.00   Tire Walls
Metal Lathe  $40.00   Tire Walls
Excavation work  $6,100.00   Tire Walls
Poly 6 mil  $322.70   Thermal Wrap
Tuck Tape  $51.63   Thermal Wrap
Nails  $40.00   Thermal Wrap
Insulation (3', R15, 6000 sq feet,Reused)  $6,950.00   Thermal Wrap
Spray Foam  $67.00   Cooling Tubes
Culverts (5 @ 20 ft)  $1,377.00   Cooling Tubes
Cisterns (2 @ 1770 gallons ea)  $5,300.00   Plumbing