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We aim to provide a a wide range of traditional instruments from around the world including flutes, thumb pianos, shakers, djembes and other percussion instruments.   

As our stock is continually changing we suggest that you come and have a look to see what we have... you can of course give them a try yourself.

Cajon Drum
We are now stockists for amazing cajon drums hand-made in the UK.

Story of the Cajon

The story of the Cajon begins centuries ago when African slaves were brought to the Spanish colony of Peru, as well as certain regions in Cuba. These enslaved people, forbidden to use their traditional instruments, found solace in reproducing the rhythms of their cultural heritage by playing tables, spoons, chairs, and other household items. As a replacement for djembes and other traditional drums they were forced to leave behind. simplistic boxes, tiny drawers from dressers and fish or other shipping crates were innovatively used as improvised percussion instruments

The actual term "Cajon" is derived from the Spanish language and when translated means "box." As time passed, the Cajon drum was reshaped and reconstructed to appear as it does today: a six sided wooden box with a whole on one side of it, usually the back side. 

The cajon is gaining mainstream interest from all types of percussionists around the world. Famous cajon players like Mario Cortes, Nina Rodriguez, and Stephan Maass are making the instrument much more accessible with their modern playing techniques.

"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

Djembe drum 

The Djembe drums have their roots in African tribal culture, and, with their incredibly rich range of dynamics and tones, are widely considered to be the most expressive of all percussion instruments