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Magics++ Visualization Magics++  
Vi Editor Text file editor Vi Editor  
screen Terminal Multiplexer screen  
Byobu Terminal Multiplexer Byobu Byobu is an enhancement for the terminal multiplexers GNU Screen[1] or tmux[2] that can be used to provide on screen notification or status as well as tabbed multi window management. It is aimed at providing a better user experience for terminal sessions when connecting to remote servers. 
OpenSocial Development Environment Software Development opensocialdevenv OpenSocial Development Environment 
ksh Shell Korn Shell Linux Korn Shell 
dos Shell Microsoft Disk Operating System Microsoft Disk Operating System (DOS) 
csh Shell C Shell Linux C Shell 
bash Shell Bash Linux BASH Shell 
VNC Remote Desktop  In computing, Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) to remotely control another computer. It transmits the keyboard and mouse events from one computer to another, relaying the graphical screen updates back in the other direction, over a network.[1] VNC is platform-independent – a VNC viewer on one operating system may connect to a VNC server on the same or any other operating system. There are clients and servers for many GUI-based operating systems and for Java. Multiple clients may connect to a VNC server at the same time. Popular uses for this technology include remote technical support and accessing files on one's work computer from one's home computer, or vice versa. VNC was originally developed at the Olivetti & Oracle Research Lab in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The original VNC source code and many modern derivatives are open source under the GNU General Public License. VNC in KDE 3.1 There are a number of variants of VNC[2] which offer their own particular functionality; e.g., some optimised for Microsoft Windows, or offering file transfer (not part of VNC proper), etc. Many are compatible (without their added features) with VNC proper in the sense that a viewer of one flavour can connect with a server of another; others are based on VNC code but not compatible with standard VNC. VNC and RFB are registered trademarks of RealVNC Ltd. in the U.S. and in other countries. 
POE Parallel Programming and High Performance Computing POE Parallel Operating Environment (POE) 
OpenMP Parallel Programming and High Performance Computing OpenMP Open Multi-Processing : Open specifications for Multi-Processing via collaborative work between interested parties from the hardware and software industry, government and academia. 
Load Leveler Parallel Programming and High Performance Computing LL  
Windows Operating System Microsoft Windows  
solaris Operating System Sun Solaris  
Mac Operating System Apple Macinthosh  
GNU Operating System GNU Linux  
Debian Operating System Debian Linux  
AIX Operating System IBM AIX Unix  
Sympy Library for Numerical/Graphical Functions  
WS FTP Internet File Transfer filetransferplanet  
WGET Internet File Transfer gnu  
UUENCODE Internet File Transfer UUENCODE  
SCP Internet File Transfer wikipedia  
NC FTP Internet File Transfer ncftp  
MetaMail Internet File Transfer MetaMail  
Core FTP Internet File Transfer coreftp  
axel apt-fast Internet File Transfer AXEL apt-fast is the axel version of apt-get. 
wgrib Earth System Model Development wgrib  
MPXLF90_R Earth System Model Development MPXLF90_R MPI enabled AIX version of Fortran  
MPI Earth System Model Development MPI Message Passing Interface 
FORTRAN Earth System Model Development Fortran  
C++ Earth System Model Development C++  Object Oriented Programing Language 
Earth System Model Development C Programing Language  
TexMaker Documentation texmaker  
Scientific WorkPlace Documentation mackichan  
Scientific Word Documentation mackichan  
Scientific NoteBook Documentation mackichan  
OpenOffice Documentation openoffice  
MS Office Documentation microsoft  
Libre Office Documentation Libre Office  
Adobe Documentation adobe  
PDL Data Analysis pdl.perl Perl Data Language 
Opengrads Data Analysis Opengrads Opengrads 
NCO Data Analysis NCO NetCDF Operator 
NCL Data Analysis NCL  
Maxima Data Analysis maxima.sourceforge  
MATLAB Data Analysis MATLAB  
Mathematica Data Analysis wolfram  
IDL Data Analysis ittvis IDL is the ideal, timesaving solution for data analysis, data visualization, and software application development. 
GRASS Data Analysis Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) Geographic Resources Analysis Support System 
GrADS Data Analysis GrADS  
GMT Data Analysis   
FreeMat Data Analysis freemat.sourceforge FreeMat is a free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing. It is similar to commercial systems such as MATLAB from Mathworks, and IDL from Research Systems, but is Open Source. FreeMat is available under the GPL license. 
FERRET Data Analysis FERRET  
Climate Data Operator (CDO) Data Analysis CDO  
CUDA Computer Architecture Philosophy manifold Compute Unified Device Architecture  
Silverlight Media Player Audio-Video Media Player microsoft Microsoft Silverlight Media Player 
Real Player Audio-Video Media Player proforma.real  
Moonlight media player Audio-Video Media Player go-mono Open Source Media Player 
Adobe Flash Player Audio-Video Media Player get.adobe  
Tools of astronomical interest Astronomical Models maa.mhn Tools of astronomical interest 
Stellarium Astronomical Models stellarium stellarium is an astronomical model 
skyglobe Astronomical Models adamhome SkyGlobe Planetarium Software to Study the planets and constellations 
earth and space Astronomical Models earthandspace Collection of Astronomical tools earth and space 
3D star map Astronomical Models stellarium 3D star maps by Stellarium 
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