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February, 2016

Welcome to a Dr Philip Savage sharing wisdom page.

Who is this man... aka Dr Philippe Sauvage  (birth name)

The Fire Burn Number:


Note:  2/18/16

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The Dr Philip Savage story:

Thank You Jane99C for sharing on YT.

Thank you Jane99C for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Savage & documentary filmmaker Michael Mendizza, 

Thank you  Jane99C for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Jane Dillon Ph.D.

Thank you Jane99C for sharing on YT

Thank you Dr Savage & Michael Mendizza

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FireBurnDoctor discussion starts @ 15:50  Garnet S interview is interesting as well.

Here's an excellent interview:
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Thank You FireBurnDoctor.

Here's a quick 2 minute PSA  to help get the word out.  First responders should know  about this.
It's a whole new world, a whole new day in  His new~ now paradigm of Love is all. The  Moments 
to accept our divine nature is now & forever.  He reminds thru p..."We are spirits in the material world, 
on the shore of infinity.  We are boundless, infinite loving beings of light, love, harmony, gratitude and
happiness for all eternity.  So  let's seize  the moment of greater awareness that finally, fully resonates with 
each and every one of  us. Indeed.  You can smile for this , can't you?  )  There you go... )
And So It Is Now, Indeed.
Namaste.   )

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Thank You Dr Philip Savage & Company.

paul, we know  you have a song to go here, right?  
Indeed, my dear friend., He, Spirit, indeed, does  have a song for the moment.  What better than the one that's been playing just now, on our homemade cassette,while we've been typing and now following that Lionel Richie is singing : 'We going to party, siesta, forever...'  And, yes, there will be a 3rd.  as these
good things tend to come  in 3's, don't they?

Here's Sting, Lazarus  Heart

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Thank You Sting & Branford & Band & Audience ~ All of us... )

And He provides the next song as His perfect soundtrack would have it, now.
Lionel Riichie, got a song for the moment & forever our dear friend?  Awesome.

Thank  you Vargasko - Jazz & Funk for sharing on YT.

Thank You Lionel Richie & Company & Audience ~ All of us... )

And now as we're all caught up p will go over to the boombox & press play and will share right here what the song is that He wants here.
p, we, have no idea.what it is.  Years can go by before we hear some of these cassettes again., tho we are keeping the 'treasures' separate, now.
And so it will be, as the above is now 'saved' and on record.  Be right back, and will share His selection.  Can tell you this, it will be good.  )

Wow, Wow, wow,  the last notes of Last lonely Eagle by New Riders of The Purple Sage played, and then like an eagle swooping in sound effect 
came on and  'Bitter Creek', one of our favorite Eagles songs came on.  We recently featured this hidden masterpiece, as so many of His masterpieces 
are- 'hidden,'  here:  tinyurl.com/Fromhere2eternity777

Thank you WKC814 for sharing on YT.

ThankYou Eagles

One more for the road from this tape;  the next song and then the rest is Grateful Dead.  Be right back.

Ladies & Gentlemen, He gives us 'Earth Ship,' by The Mahavishnu Orchestra. talk about a
hidden masterpiece. for all us on His 'Good Ship Infinity.'

Thank you cookaboorra for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Mahavishnu Orchestra

So this magic tape which is named 'Found time> no time'  w sides:  Clean slate A & Clean slate B
is here in His situation room.  We are trans.parent as can be.  We love everyone & everything, esp 
our  incredible future in His eternal Now.  p watched about 5 hours of documentaries about WW2 last night.

God, humanity, what hell, but that and it's lingering aftermath's right down to this day are history.  Now is the moment
to embrace our whole new paradigm  in which  L o v e  rules and is all that matters,  (we feel a song coming on: you too?  ) 
knowing God is in the house and if we invite and allow Him to manage our lives, which He has given us, and pre-birth, helped 
us plan out for our highest benefit script., then, surely, all will be as  He wants it.  As always if you want to know if you are in the right place 
and moment, look down and see where your feet are. (if you're lucky enough to have feet.)  Yep, never fails, we, dear friend(s), are exactly 
where we're supposed to be, doing exactly what we're supposed to be doing.  Saints or sinners, He and His divine, perfect, infinitely perfect,
heavenly plan is  what we are all living and improving through, indeed..
And So It Is, Now, IJN.
Namaste.  )

Moment marked & Rec. & fin.  2/20/16
                                                  3:42 p.m.

A song to seal  this later, we have to go on an errand now.  )

Several hours later...
9:08 p.m. to be exact.

We just put in  a fresh cassette, randomly, while p has a red hot sensation in his right palm for a moment, Rush is playing 'Working Man'.  The Byrds were playing- 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo' when Rush in full flat out Alex Lifeson solo amazingness took over.  Now 'Fly By Night'  rocks  So what song is He saying to put here:  We go with our feeling and gut and with the above shared, we will go with one from the group we were plannng on putting here to commemorate the literal rising from the ashes, the survival of  the human spirit and the indestructible spirit of Rock & Roll featuring, from hell on earth in the 1940's, beautiful -  Germany, Yeah, we're still feeling a lot of karmic vibrations  from our marathon of WW2 documentary watching last night, Ladies & Gentlemen, Scorpions, The Pride of Germany in the Rock & Roll World.  Guys, rock our worlds.  Thanks.   

Thank you GreenEyes Mexico for sharing on YT.

Thank You Scorpions

He's  got something else to say...

Thank you Cal Vid for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica & All of us Audience...

Thank you Jane100c for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Savage.

Thank you one and all for visiting this page.  Share it with others if you want to be richly blessed 
in kind,  with His  gifts that truly matter.
Peace, love, light, harmony, happiness, joy, gratitude and all good stuff like that there be with us all,
each and every one,
And So It Is, Now, IJN
Namaste.   )

Yahoo images.

Easy  now, everyone, we got this, right?

On behalf of sons & daughters of Your heavenly light, Dear God, Great I Am that I Am, Creator, Divine Ultimate, Prime Source, Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God, ALL THAT IS.

Thank You Dear God for entrusting us, Your motley humanity, with One of Your most precious jewels among all Your Most Precious Jewels.
We promise to do all that's necessary to return Her, Mother Earth ~ Terra, to You God. in Her most pristine glory, as we ask You , God, to manifest
Your  perfect, infinitely perfect divine plan to unfold according to Your perfect, divine blueprint.
And So It Is, Now.  In Jesus Name.

p.s.  God, will you please accept the following song as a token of our collective sincerity?
       Thank You.

note:  At this moment, p has no idea what the song will be.  All he knows is that it will be the best for this moment in space history, as we know 'time' is gone.
Here we go boldly  to YT.  )  Wish us 'the best' that we come back with the exact, riight song for this occasion.  The Spirits here in the 'situation room' are now 
smiling from ear to ear as  the front runner reluctantly emerges.  Sorry, Jerry, you are 'da man,'  Bro.  )

We were led, unhesitatedly to this.  Jerry's best moment (maybe) and then some... )

Thank you Jimmie B for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jerry & Jerry Garcia Band  &  Salute to All Jerry Fans i.e. Everyone. Everywhere, we hope.  )

Peace  & Love be with us all... IJN.
Namaste.  )

Rec & fin:  2/21/16
                   4/ 14 /p.m.

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