Roons Price Breakdown

Shredded coconut:
Vitacost: Bob's Red Mill Unsweetened Shredded Coconut -- 24 oz $6.59 (I added to subscribe and saved 10% off this price).  I was buying organic coconut but while doing research for this recipe, found that in laboratory analysis done on conventional coconut, there were unable to detect any pesticides whatsoever and so coconut is listed as one of the things it is not necessary to buy organic.  $1.50 per batch of 40 balls

Costco: Natural Almonds -- 3lbs $14.99  $3.50 per batch
Sam's: Natural Almonds -- 3lbs $7.01  $1.60 per batch

Maple Syrup:
Costco: Organic Maple Syrup -- 32 oz  $13.99  $1.75 per batch

Coconut Oil:
Costco: Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Coconut Oil -- 54oz  $15.99  $0.30 per batch

Walmart: Nestle Tollhouse Cocoa (unprocessed) -- 8oz $2.48  $0.62 per batch
Iherb: Cococeps -- 8oz  $11.96
Vitacost: Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw Chocolate -- 20oz $51.77

Lemon Flavor:
Frontier Wholesale Co-Op: Frontier Organic Lemon Flavor -- 16 oz $19.99  $0.47 per batch

Cacao Nibs:
Frontier Wholesale Co-Op: Frontier Organic Raw Cacao Nibs  -- 16 oz $10.50  $1.25 per batch

Protein Powder:
Iherb: Now Foods Unflavored Pea Protein -- 32 oz $21.40 $0.80 per scoop

Pink salt purchased from Amazon (5lbs), vanilla purchased from Costco, lemons purchased from Costco.  I added $0.50 per batch for all three.

Total:  around $0.20 per ball