Is It Time To Rethink Your

Marketing Strategy?

What Are You Marketing?  New Business, New CD, New Video Game, New Website,
New Charity Fund, New Candidate???

Every savvy business owner knows, having a website and having a Facebook site is a good start, but it just isn't enough. The wrong Marketing and Promoting strategy can break your business, but the right Marketing plan can turn it all around.  Deciding how to spend your marketing dollars is one of the most important business decisions business owners have to make: whether to go with a new Video, Website Upgrade, Social Media, Email Marketing, a new Blog, or all of the above.   Before you make any decisions, a comprehensive Marketing & Promotion Consultation Session is a must!  We're ready when you are.


"Launching my official website was a dream deferred.  
Earthlight Media helped me make my vision a reality.  I am very pleased with the final product."
         ~ Edwin Moses, Olympic Icon
What We Do For Our Client                                                    

Step Number One: A Comprehensive Marketing & Promotion Consultation Session

Website Development: Upgrade Existing Website

Design & Create Your Unique Social Media Network

Content Development: Write & Manage Blogs & Social Media Sites

Newsletter Design:  Email Marketing Strategy & Management

Marketing Strategies:  Develop Strategic Digital Marketing & Promotion Campaigns

Marketing Plans: Develop, Execute & Manage Digital Marketing Initiatives

Design Digital Press Release Campaigns

Create Compelling Video Content


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