Earth gyration & climate change

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"The foremost duty of a scientist is to check the facts. However, science on an inspired level requires more than making and collecting observations; it is also the drawing of conclusions, and possibly the formulation of a theory. At this stage imagination is needed and this involves a much more difficult task… Usually scientists are willing to give any theory, however doubtful, a try provided it shows imagination and it offers new ideas… A scientific theory has to be judged by its credibility, which depends on the supporting evidence. Its value increases with the volume of such evidence…”                                 
(Dr. Kurt Mendelssohn, The Riddle of the Pyramids)

According to classical theory, gravity exerted by the Sun & Moon upon Earth, is the force whereby the equinox is advanced around the ecliptic - this is generally referred to as 'precession'. However, the reasoning which gave rise to the Luni-Solar model is profoundly flawed, as such it is inadequate to represent the actual orbital mechanics of our planet. Consequently, the establishment is unaware of the operating dynamics that advance & retreat Polar ice. 

Commenced by extra-terrestrial impact, Earth slowly rotates WSW -- interrupting the forward trend of the polar axis and causing a gyration -- the action responsible for true Polar wander: changing orientation and crucially, also angle of inclination thereby varying, obliquity regulates climate. For the duration of Glacial Maximum, melt-down & build-up occur with rapid flux respective winter & summer - i.e. annually, simultaneous with Arctic Polar ice growth covering much of the N.Hemisphere, Antarctica thaws entirely...  


Unconventional but essential to comprehend the fundamentals in context, necessitates analysis of ancient doctrine, which implicates Egypt. The reader should not be intimidated by stigma, instead and it will be self apparent, in tangible representation, to challenge the intellect of anyone and indeed of any scientific eminence. Transposing esoteric concepts onto modern scientific insight and observing actual motion over perceived, reveal the genius whereby ancient principles were compiledRemarkable insight orientates Antarctica 'at the top of the Globe - the Nile accordingly flows from 'upper' (South) to 'lower' Egypt (North). At any time, perpendicular to its plane of orbit, half of Earth is illuminated - divided into day & night, in similar fashion as the Moon in half phase.

The pyramids are mysterious monuments that long eluded meaningful interpretation. Their originators express an oracle – a message of forewarning that mankind dare not ignore... 

They capture the perpendicular relationship between the Sun & Earth in a time fix, moreover -- the undeniable fingerprint of an advanced civilization -- exhibit knowledge of the intricate dynamics relating to Earth's shape and various motions. Most astounding however, the layout of pyramids in unison with a geometrical configuration of celestial topography, incredibly orientates our planet in synchronization with the Galaxy. 

The meridian that passes through Meidum & Dahshur pyramids, Abusir, Abu Ghurab and traversing the length of the African Continent, geodetically links the North & South poles. The East & West hemispheres are determined thereby. Hieroglyphs refer to ‘the land on one side of the Nile’ & 'the land on both sides’. By highligting this longitude, the originators show us Earth's axis of rotation. Reconciled "as above, so below", the configuration is depicted in celestial topography - the source thereof: the 6th hour RA meridian defined by Polaris, Menkalinan, star SAO 58636 and open cluster NGC 2169 at the navel of the Duat, where Orion’s raised hand is.
Viewed externally, our SolarSystem is located on an outer radial - emanating from this hub and resembling 12 segments of a giant pizza, provides the means whereby the Galactic disc was mapped. Directionally defined by 12 spurs (spokes) respective of alignment with StarConstellations, the primary split extends from Orion, via our SolarSystem, to Sagittarius in the opposite direction and to the GalacticCentre. Located thereon -- at the convergence of the Auriga spoke & CanisMajor spoke -- the view from Earth is in cross section.

‘...the Duat has grasped your hand at the place where Orion is…’  {Pyramid Text 803} Of dual connotation, this location correlates with the holy city of Mecca, home to the intriguing Kaaba - the navel of the world… 

Old Kingdom pyramids combine in a highly significant geometrical configuration 

Depicting Earth's polar spin axis & the axis of precession respectively, the latter is defined by the diagonal between the Zawyet el Aryan Pyramid and the Abu Ruwash Pyramid. Dividing 'Upper & Lower' Egypt, trans-Giza, the 'TwoLands' merge in  the axis around which Earth revolves retrograde, precession-wise. Extended, it cuts Earth into two halves. The geometry, likewise in dual aspect, correlates celestially with the diagonal linking the star Betelgeux -- via Orion’s Belt -- with the star Rigel and extended, splits the Galaxy in two...  an intricate map of Heaven engraved upon Earth, why?



ref. Astronomical alignments of Giza in side bar navigation 

Fundamentals of a DIY gyration model

Employ a mounted globe that displays the Ecliptic. Rotate it so that Earth’s orbital plane is horizontal and surround it with 12 calibrations, representing the constellations comprising the Zodiac. A transparent container and spherical projected star chart, with the fulcrum between Orion and Gemini, is useful as backdrop. To compensate for scale discrepancy, extend the 6th Hour RA Meridian meridian and mark Polaris where the North Pole targets it. The (March) equinox, incurred off the West coast of Africa, corresponds with Pisces. The other, located 180° opposite - at the intersect of the equator and international dateline in the Pacific, corresponds with Virgo. The mounting aligns with Sagittarius and Gemini, with Earth’s spin axis and the North Pole inclined toward the latter. The perpendicular relationship is thus determined, with the Sun focal point located in the NH, where the solstice correlates with Bangladesh. 

Remove the globe from its mounting and from the latitude & longitude intersect at Giza circumscribe a line: 52° N & S of latitude\ 38° E & W of longitude - roughly along the Red Sea (rubber bands create a straight edge). This is the Two-Lands-Division. The two points, midway between where this diagonal cuts the equator, provide the coordinates for the axis of precession: 41°W long. x 53°N lat. and 138°E long. x 57°S lat. (may vary with accuracy). Configure the other lines: the Polar meridian along the Nile River, the triangle with its base from Lake Chad to the Aral Sea and its apex where the Aral longitude meets the Equator.

Replace the globe in the mounting but importantly, use the precession axis holes and this time align the mounting with Pisces and Virgo. Orientate the N.Pole with Polaris, so too bringing the Ecliptic onto a horizontal plane - the globe thus again concords with the present era but is now set on its precession axis. Finally, to simulate Earth's progression through the Zodiac, rotate the globe against its spin direction -- the perpendicular point of the Sun shifts from Bangladesh N.Eastward -- thereby trace the path,  that link two equinoxes 180° apart, in one revolution of 26000 years.

       Time & motion RosettaStone of ZodiacTime

Surrounded by the Zodiac, Earth occupies the intersection formed by the constellations of Virgo & Pisces + Gemini & Sagittarius - comparable to the 3&9 + 6&12 numeral locations on an analogue clock, with Earth at the hub. These stations represent the solstice and equinox fixes. Obliquity quantifies the slant of the polar axis (presently around 24°) in relation to the vertical -i.e. the pole of the ecliptic. Inversely, the equator therefore lies some 24° North & South w.r.t. the plane of the ecliptic. 

For the Earth dweller, the MilkyWay Galaxy resembles a cloudy strip that stretches across the sky from one horizon to the opposite. Imagine Earth revolving inside a surrounding hoop and one side coming into view as the opposite descends below the horizon. Dominating two diametricallly opposed horizons, Orion and Scorpio can be seen simultaneously. Orion occupies an outer spur, near the edge of the Galaxy -- 180° opposite to the GalacticHub -- from where NGC 2169 links with the nucleus, thereby determining the primary spoke, via our SolarSystem. 

Precession aligns Earth’s axis with the Orion GalacticSpoke during two rival eras - 'the Unification of the Two-Lands' & 'the Division of the TwoLands respectively'. Observed from S. EclipticPole perspective (see image above), the hub is located midway between Australia and Antarctica -- the red & white crown of the respective territories -- around which these, diametrically opposed, landmasses slowly revolve. Transposed on the EclipticPole and incurring of obliquity change, the gyrating axis produces a vesica piscis (see MICA star motion image)

According to general precession theory, the equinox advance is accompanied by the Poles revolving in circles 47° dia. around the EclipticPole. Rotating rearward, Earth changes orientation, whereby the CelestialPole from one era to another is determined - 'vacant space', or different 'pole stars' are thus encountered. Perceived from terrestrial perspective, the equinox Sunrise is hosted against the backdrop of one of the constellations that comprise the Zodiac and which progressively changes over a long period of time.

Observed remotely, by tracking divergence of longitude, our World relates best to the actual rotation. Interacting with continual motion, an observable path of the Sun -- representing time duration in combination with nautical distance -- is generated on the parabolic surface of the sphere. Respective the perpendicular divergence of the Sun, 1° of arc movement in 72 years equates as 1080 years for every 15° of longitude, therefore one precession cycle comprises 25920 years. (Ref. Great Pyramid mathematics page) 


Vitally different to the equinox relocating by 180° in conjunction with Earth's orbit of the Sun, the governing principal in advancing of the equinox is Earth rotating 2x 180° - S.Westerly, diagonally across the polar axis, which is twined from the centre outward. Consequently changing orientation into space, the Poles thereby wander in a circle that, in actual fact, is 72° in diameter and not concentric - determined by the sum of obliquity parameters 14° & 58° respective of the EclipticPole. (Classical precession theory predicts the action occurring at parallel with the ecliptic and equidistant around the EP, which is erroneous). The revolution actually shifts the perpendicular focal of the Sun N.Easterly around the Globe -- the action whereby Earth tips over -- upon attaining declination max. at 58°, the Poles lie 32° North and South of the plane of the ecliptic. We are occupants of an unstable planet!

In combination with the causeways of the three great pyramids at Giza, the cycle of a ZodiacAge is monitored. Taking some 26000 years to complete one rotation, a GreatYear, therefore attributable with ‘great seasons’. Suppose... the separation distance between the Sun and Earth is removed and the two spheres touching – that surface contact defines the absolute relationship between the two bodies: Earth’s various orbital motions cause this perpendicular to constantly shift about the Globe, the scorching focus thereby driving weather, seasons... somewhat like winding a ball of yarn in a pattern incurring of cycles, it constitutes the driver of climate. 

Himalaya Range raised by ejecta... 

Comprising an arc roughly E - W over some 2400 km, however, for demonstrative purposes employing approximation: a final crater dimension of 1400 x 2100 km with average depth 2,5 km determines a size estimate of the object at  350 km wide, with composition density 3000 kg/m^3 and travelling at 11+ km/sec. on a 30° approach angle. Specs derived from ImpactEarth! calculator - developed by Purdue University.

1 year = 365,25 days = 8766 hours = 525960' min. being the time it takes Earth to complete one counter-clockwise orbit of the Sun -- approx. velocity: 30km/sec. -- constituting a SolarYear / TropicalYear. Visualise the path of an asteroid momentarily merging with that of Earth. In an eye blink subsequent to the glancing contact with the destroyer and continuous with its trajectory, our World assumed another revolution: ever-so-slowly rotating around a second hub. Unchecked, this alters the length of day. Perturbed thereby, Earth's axis slowly performs an eloquent, however undesirable pirouette (diurnal spin is impervious to the action). Ref. defying terrestrial physics Graham Hancock forum 

Time is measured in Earth's equator - calibrated in units of arc, by the intersect of longitude meridians, that converge at the Poles. 1 day = 24 hrs. = 1440' min. in which Earth completes one  forward  r > e > v > o > l > u > t > i > o > n  360° Eastward around its polar spin axis - speed in proximity of equator around 450m/sec.

Subsequent to the space collision, Earth  R < E < V < O < L < V < E < S  360° around a 2nd axis... at 1° in 71,5 years (26115 days), thus rotating retrograde S.Westerly by 45° in 3217,5 years -- 90° in 6435 yrs -- 180° in 12870 yrs -- 360° over 25740 years, completing a cycle comprised of 9.401.535 days. This revolution, diagonally across Earth's regular spin, established the axis of precession (22° obliquity) and the momentum transfer setting the rate of turn at 1° coinciding with, every 71,5 orbit of the Sun -i.e. 26115 days x 360° rotation = 9.401.400 minutes... constituting the time differential accumulate, for Earth to complete one rearward revolution, in 9.401.400 days  i.o.w. 25740 Solar years. 
Eluding the 'official crater count' this asteroid impact none-the-less knocked Earth off its axis, triggering the paramount mass extinction event and which furthermore, to this day & beyond, causes cyclical catastrophe of Biblical proportion -- whereby our very civilization is threatened -- of course, this too, academia fail to notice...

'PoleShift' is a product of the impact - Earth changes orientation into space,  in a circular motion, whereby the Poles decline toward the ecliptic. In turn regaining inclination, whereafter proceeding marginally around the EclipticPole - an astronomical problem, in more than one sense of the word. Variable obliquity interacts with the plane of orbit, which remained consistent despite the impact. That, constitutes the fundamental action that regulates climate. Sea level fluctuates with glaciation, which at extreme, extend from one Pole at a time, to the 40th parallel - alternating seasonally and encountering entire de-glaciation... 

Planet Earth rotates to two different rhythms -- simultaneously -- each with their own equator, of which neither holds sway over the other. Maintaining its regular plane of travel around our host star, the Sun encounters the Equator on two occasions -- providing an exact reference -- when Earth's Pole axis is aligned between day | night. Known as equinox day, the Globe's revolution through the divide is experienced by Earth dwellers from Sunrise -midday- Sunset -midnight- as being equal in duration respective of hemispheres N & S of the equator. 

Of greater relevance, precession also brings about an equinox reversal: every half revolution -- 13 millennia apart during a GreatYear -- when two vertically divided hemispheres of the Globe switch by 180°. Each occasion, the Polar axis adopts a slant in the opposite direction to before -- 14° & 58° obliquity respectively -- the stable and unstable peaks of precession. Two instances when Earth’s axis is perpendicular wrt the Sun and the vertical light | dark convergence passes through both Poles simultaneously - each time, the topography previously facing darkness, then face the Sun (likewise respective of the nucleus of the Galaxy & its outer edge).

Midway between encountering the aforementioned equinoxes -- the geometrical mark engraved upon Earth, comes into unison with the perpendicular cut, that separates day from night -- the 'Two Lands' Division | Unification events are re-enacted. Significantly, Earth's Pole axis then aligns with the Orion-Galaxy-Centre Spoke and repeated 180° in reverse. Each era represents a territorial monarchy, associated with a crown (ref. gods-stars-pyramids subpage). 

By mapping Earth and sky with a correlating meridian -- affixing a timing mark -- the pyramid builders synchronized Giza with the LongCount. The geometrical configuration of the pyramids, modelled on a map of the sky, provides references that enable plotting past or future - for half of the cycle, Earth’s polar spin axis is relatively upright, albeit varying. During one quarter however, dreadful declination is incurred: looming... devastating sea level rise, in an opening act for the next ice age.  (ref. Thesis  in sub-page)
The path of the Sun  

Earth's parabolic trajectory to which it is held by the Sun is unchanging - this constitutes the ecliptic. Important to differentiate between the former, orbit of the Sun, and ‘the path of the Sun' inasmuch the latter being variable. The dynamics of Earth's various independent motions, combine in determining the Sun’s perpendicular focal point and the progression thereof, around the circumference of the sphere. Variation in the angle of Earth's polar spin axis, consequently alters the distance whereby the Sun migrates between the N & S hemispheres. 

Obliquity change, in combination with the plane of the ecliptic, generate various paths whereby the Solar concentration travels around the World. Besides releasing sporadic flares, with short period temperature  influence of minor significance, Solar output is consistent. The degree of digression, relative to latitude of the topography however, is the fundamental factor that governs climate. During one quarter, maximum extent of ice is generated every winter and subsequently thawed, every summer. 

Earth's orbit of the Sun, in combination with the obliquity of its axis, governs the N & S latitude limits by which the seasons are regulated. The separation distance of solstice boundaries -- mid winter & mid summer -- are determined by the inclination of Earth’s axis: orbiting the Sun, a TropicalYear, establish the latitude of the Sun's turn around. The term 'Capricorn & Cancer', relating to the Tropic circles are presently outmoded and perhaps better definable by respective the path of the Sun - a point in case, with commencement of the Ecliptic of Pisces 170 BC... likewise, transition in 2330 AD to the Age of Aquarius.

precession axis composite:  
The perceived motion of stars -- a celestial effect, the product of Earth kinetics -- observed two dimensionally, is deceptive. Incorporating of a 22° obliquity factor respective the perpendicular of its orbit, the World rotates precession-wise around a still point in Heaven. Although synonymous with the 2D effect  portrayed by star motion, a third dimension lurks in obscurity -  the apparent circular VS an actual elliptical perspective pertaining true Polar wander. 

Correcting the parallax, reconciles the star pattern with a steady trend & tempo that reveals what is detectable by means of changing star co-ordinates, relative to the celestial canopy as a whole. Integral to the revolution, true Polar wander, associated with changing orientation of the polar axis, determines the CelestialPole and accordingly determine the meridian convergence for star charts projecting a celestial sphere. Alignment registers in real time -- observable in diurnal spin -- thereby providing a mutual point, past & future.

Polar wander & CurrentEra pole star:
Hour glass gyration

It would be absurd to even suggest the level of this body of knowledge being integral to Dynastic Egypt -- unless of course, authorities are prepared to risk elucidation of the consequent macabre paradox viz. man's subsequent evolution to not-so-bright-by-comparison... us :o) -- yet, it cannot be denied. Therefore, in contemplating that 21st Century doctrine is indeed eclipsed thereby, an investigation into the origin thereof should be a priority - needless to say, it goes hand-in-hand with a scientific revolution of unprecedented magnitude. Never before has the establishment been so mum... in fact stunned, which may explain the peculiar behaviour - a feeble attempt at covering glaring incompetence and averting ruin of an overstated reputation. Never again should such rueful behaviour be tolerated by a population, enlightened sufficiently to warrant claims of representing a true civilization.

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