Welcome to Earth First Eco-Farms! We strive to bring you the best of what Mother Nature will provide from as close to home as possible.  We are located right here in the heart of Salt Lake City Utah, close to downtown.  All of our produce is grown following sustainable and eco-friendly methods.  We never use synthetic fertilizers on our crops so you get a cleaner healthier fruit.  Our farms are never tilled using gas powered implements, all of the tilling we do is done by me by hand using a variety of different hand tools.  For this reason our produce has a very small carbon footprint, mainly just the gas used to get it to the market.  All of our properties are kept by me, Kevin, and I strive to grow only healthy happy vegetables and fruits for the consumption and joy of others.  Please join me in enjoying the bounty of what our mother can provide for us, and together we can protect some of the soil that is so important for our survival.